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Several problems that should be paid attention to in team safety management as the most grass-roots group of the enterprise, the team is the production organization in the front line of production and plays a vital role in the whole company. The safety of the team directly affects the safety of the whole company. Only by paying attention to the production safety of the team, can the safety of the whole company be achieved. However, from the perspective of accelerating the upgrading of plastic granulator technology in recent years, casualties occurred in the front-line teams. It can be seen that the safety management of the team must be noticed, and it is an urgent work to do a good job of the safety management of the team at present. The author expounds several problems that should be paid attention to in team safety management as follows

1 self protection awareness education can not be ignored

lack of self-protection awareness, which is often manifested in adventure, recklessness, mental paralysis, habitual violations, etc. in work, it is easy to cause personal casualties and equipment damage accidents. For the industry that produces high-risk special products such as electricity, we should constantly strengthen safety education to realize the change of safety awareness. They are experienced and have strong safety awareness. In the field operation, we should guide and educate young employees to pay attention to and avoid all aspects of dangerous points to ensure their own safety. Before doing any work, you should first check whether there is danger and think twice. From habitual safety inspection to habitual illegal operation, persevere. Over time, the safety consciousness can be deeply rooted, permanently consolidated and improved, so as to achieve the purpose of safe production

2 safety learning cannot be a mere formality

the current team safety learning is the learning of weekly safety activity days, mainly learning safety briefings or accident bulletins, etc., which are scripted and monotonous. Most of this learning is a mere formality and cannot really play the role of safety education. To change the existing learning methods and completely get rid of the learning mode of talking on paper and divorced from the actual production, we must first form a culture of stressing safety, create a safety culture atmosphere in the enterprise, and combine safety education with the vital interests of employees, so as to promote employees to consciously abide by the safety rules and regulations of the enterprise. For the study of accident notification, safety briefing and safety instructions, we should not be metaphysical, and do not study for learning. We must contact the ideological reality of employees and the production reality of this post, and carry out lecture analysis by drawing inferences from one instance, so that safety learning can really improve the quality of employees

the technical level of the formed plates produced by hot extrusion of the whole team needs to be further improved

the improvement of the technical level of the whole team of a team plays a very important role in preventing dangerous points. The current situation is that the monitor and the teacher have better skills and strong hearts, and can consider the risks of the overall operation, while the rest of the team members are dry pressing ceramic tiles Part 1: ceramic tiles gb/t4100.1 ⑴ 999 basically maintain the working state of "what you call me, I do what I do", which is difficult to find many dangers around. Therefore, when carrying out safety education for employees, we must strengthen the technical quality education of employees, so that employees can not only have an understanding of the equipment, but also have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the whole system. Through the form of "pairing" between new and old members, we can learn the experience and technology of production and consider the overall situation as a whole. We can also carry out the safety education of employees through various forms of technical training, technical assessment, safety knowledge competition, production knowledge competition, anti accident drill, etc. DuPont is developing a new generation of technical education, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to learn, and constantly improve the technical level of the workforce, Continuously enhance the safety awareness of employees

4 further strengthen the safety self-examination and self-assessment work of the team

the main body of safety activities is always inseparable from all members of the team. A good self-examination and self-assessment work of the team can effectively prevent dangers in daily production, and it is one of the important methods to implement the safety policy of "safety first, prevention first". All members of the team should strengthen the measurement and prediction of safety in daily production work, Confirm the possibility and severity of accidents, and put forward corresponding rectification and control measures to prevent and control potential safety hazards and accidents. It is an effective way to improve the overall level of safety management to carry out self-examination and self-assessment, requiring employees to diagnose the existing safety work and know it well. According to their own scope, employees scientifically and objectively carry out item by item according to the self-examination project table, check and evaluate the distribution facilities, production equipment, safety tools and instruments, fill in the form, summarize the inspection and evaluation results, and rectify the summarized problems, so as to improve the health level and safety management level of the equipment, pre select and find various hidden dangers, and achieve the purpose of reducing and eliminating accidents

safety work is a systematic project and the basis for the bottom-up development of electric power. The safety management of teams is the premise of this work. Applying scientific management methods, improving the hidden danger control and management system of teams, and further strengthening the safety management of employees and equipment systems, the safety work of power supply enterprises will be better

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