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Several problems that should be paid attention to in the design of graded flour workshop

the biggest change brought about by the reform and opening up to the flour industry is the production and sales of special flour (including refined flour, Extra-1 flour, extra-2 flour and all special flour) to replace the production and sales of standard flour as the main product of wheat flour industry enterprises, and the situation that standard flour and its products are generally ignored everywhere. Flour mills in large and medium-sized cities and above the county level have generally carried out technological transformation and built a number of graded flour workshops, which has brought vitality and economic benefits to the flour industry

compared with the standard powder road before the implementation of the standard powder Road, the technology of long powder Road, light grinding and subdivision, core grinding and roller grinding are the same. The technical progress of modern grade powder road technology can be summarized into three aspects:

A) the machine equipment includes the main pulverizing equipment such as pulverizer, flat screen, powder cleaner, powder loosening machine, bran brushing machine, packer and ventilation and dust removal equipment, and its performance and appearance are more advanced than 40 years ago

b) the microcomputer control management is implemented and the automatic alarm device is configured, which reduces personnel employment and labor intensity. Each system has stable flow, less accidents, high safe operation rate, stable production rate, quality and output

c) set up a powder mixing bin, and the factory produces flour of various specifications and varieties according to the market needs. The flour workshop drives in three shifts, and the packing room packs in one shift, which completely solves the situation that the packing room is the hardest, most tiring and dirtiest section of the flour factory, and the packers have become the types of work of day shift

practice has proved that the management action of any grade powder workshop with three aspects is very smooth, if 20 The standard sieve only has new pulverizing equipment, and the graded powder workshop, which lacks microcomputer operation and powder mixing silo, has big problems in management actions. It always feels that it is similar to the old pulverizing workshop, and the dirty, disordered and poor condition can be seen everywhere

according to the actual situation since the trial run of the graded powder workshop of our factory, we will discuss with experts in the same industry about some problems that have occurred in the production

the scale of the graded powder workshop

the design scale of the graded powder workshop should have a design idea that is not backward for 20 years. Concentrate funds, adopt advanced pulverizing equipment, complete the design of microcomputer control and powder mixing silo at one time, and build one plant and one supporting plant. For example, in the graded flour workshop of flour mills in some areas of Xinjiang, the scale should have chosen to process 200-250t of wheat per day, but for various reasons, only 160t per day was selected. Less than a year after the trial run, I felt that the output scale was too small, the three shift production could not meet the needs of the market, I often worked overtime, and I could not implement the five-day working system. The workers felt tired, the equipment maintenance time was tight, and there was no microcomputer control and flour blending silo, so I felt unsatisfactory in management, There is no sense of advanced technology in the 1990s

2 design of graded powder workshop without powder blending silo

graded powder workshop without powder blending silo should be built to meet the needs of four shifts and three operation shifts. In the packaging layer, there should be four shifts of flour bags and gunny bags storage rooms. Each shift has tens of thousands of flour bags and gunny bags received, used and handed over every week. The workshop shift and the factory supply and marketing department implement a strict economic system, and the shift must have its own storage room, otherwise, The loss of packaging is amazing, so in the architectural design, we should consider the packaging storage room of four teams. On the wall of each floor, there should also be four shifts of workers' tool cabinets to avoid setting tool cabinets on the walkway, which will affect the operation space

3 lighting system

a set of standby lighting system is designed in the stairwell to deal with the accident of sudden power failure. Sudden power outages often occur in many areas, and flour workshops often open night shifts. If a lighting system is designed at the main walkways such as staircases to reduce the weight of the whole vehicle by 20% compared with 2015, it is of great significance to the safety of employees

4 air circuit design

at present, the air circuit design of the grade flour workshop is: first, the air compressor room is used to supply gas to the automatic water dispenser in the flour mill, packer and wheat room, and the air margin is large; Second, the low-pressure air of the pulse dust collector is supplied by their own small air pumps. Practice has proved that there are many accidents and frequent repairs of small air pumps. The trial run of our plant's grade powder workshop has been more than half a year, and 6 small air pumps have broken down. Therefore, the air circuit design can be improved as follows: the automatic water dispenser is changed to the form of two-way air supply, and an additional air pump with separate air supply is added, so that when the powder room is not started and only the wheat room is opened, the air compressor room does not need to start up only the automatic water dispenser. The small air pump that cancels the pulse dust remover is connected to the general air path, which has obvious advantages in building the trade logistics center of Tongyi city. The pressure of the air tank is adjusted to the pressure corresponding to the pulse dust remover. The pulse dust remover in Maijian can also be designed into two forms: general air path and separate air path

5 selection of pulse dust remover

the TBL type low-pressure pulse dust remover selected by the current grade powder workshop is suitable for workshops with microcomputer control and flow alarm devices. If there is no microcomputer control and alarm device, it is very prone to blockage accidents, and its raw materials do not rely on fossil fuels to burn the horizontal reducer motor with lower discharge. Because when accidents such as the belt falling off the air shutter of the unloader or the sudden increase of flow occur, the material leakage increases rapidly, resulting in the burning of the reduction motor at the lower part of the pulse dust remover, and even the shutdown. Such accidents are frequent, the price of spare parts is high, the assembly and disassembly are difficult, the production is affected, and the economic loss is considerable. Several grade powder factories have deep experience, and it is suggested that the horizontal rotation type should not be used in the lower discharge mode

6 others

6.1 the waterproof and moisture-proof of the distribution room

it is best not to have water pipes above the distribution room, because the probability of water pipe accidents is high, which may cause major accidents in the distribution room, and such accidents are almost occurred in our factory

6.2 communication

the production command system of each floor of the powder building and the air compressor room, power distribution room, workshop office, laboratory and factory headquarters is installed internally, and the external line is installed in the pulverizer room on the second floor for command contact, and if necessary, contact the local power dispatching department

6.3 corporate image publicity

when painting and decoration outside the grade powder workshop, safety slogans and the purpose of "factory training" should be considered at the same time. For example, "compliance with regulations and disciplines, safe production", "quality, benefit, safety, civilization", "quality is life, benefit is the center, safety is the premise, civilization is image", etc. Because the appearance of modern enterprises is a very important problem. In Prefecture, county and city, the flour workshop building is often a relatively high and majestic building, which is more conspicuous. There is a large area of windowless outer wall in the part of the wheat barn. When painting and decorating the outside, the safety production and spiritual slogans are pasted with tiles or colored glass at one time, which will produce good social effects. (end)

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