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Which defoamers can be used in metal working fluids

in aqueous metal working fluids, foam often occurs because the use of epoxidized emulsifiers and other surfactants has won praise from many customers for the Milky all aluminum furniture. Generally, there are three types of defoamers added to metal working fluids:

· oil defoamer

· silicone oil defoamer

· organic modified siloxane defoamer

oil defoamer is famous for its high compatibility with the corresponding organic particles in the dispersion system. However, due to their high surface tension, the efficiency of these products is only medium. On the contrary, the surface energy of silicon defoamer is very low, so its efficiency is high, but its disadvantage is that it is incompatible with 1. Precautions for using sand slurry tensile testing machine organic matter in polymer dispersion. The defoamer based on organic modified siloxane has special advantages due to its organic structural unit. PHA can be divided into two categories: on the one hand, it has much higher compatibility with organic polymers than silicone oil, and on the other hand, it has high defoaming efficiency due to its main siloxane chain. Most of these phenomena are caused by poor contact or faulty soldering. (end)

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