Which brand is the most popular Jinggangshan wire

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Which brand of Jinggangshan wire threading machine is good

which brand is the Jinggangshan wire threading machine

six precautions for commissioning and maintenance of threading machine! Threading machine, as the name suggests, is a machine used for threading. What should be paid attention to in the commissioning and maintenance of threading machine? Zhongyuan anchorage gives you a brief introduction. The fault handling and other maintenance work of the threading machine must be completed by professionals, and the operator shall not dismantle the machine to handle any fault without authorization. To avoid occurrence. The maintenance personnel of threading machine must turn off the motor and cut off the interface and power supply of the machine to facilitate safety. Live operation is strictly prohibited. When the threading machine captain or other professional personnel adjust the machine, the motor must be turned off and the power supply must be cut off. The machine can only be adjusted by hand turning gear. During the adjustment of the threading machine, if any screw or tool falls into the machine, it cannot be started until it is found. The threading machine operators must maintain the machine before and after the shift to maintain the normal performance and service life of the machine according to the requirements of the "maintenance and inspection standard". If maintenance operations such as lubrication are required during machine operation due to machine performance requirements. The threading machine is still blank in the current market, and the novelty of this machine is certainly very good. The threading machine can smoothly pass through four 90 degree bends of pipes, making the wires pass through the pipes smoothly in one go. The threading speed is 35 meters per minute. This machine is several times that of manual threading, and its practicability is also necessary

Maolin wire threader is small in size, light in weight, easy to use and reduces time. The electrical threader is an indispensable tool for building construction personnel, and the quality is very strict. In terms of performance and quality, the electrical threader is just suitable for their requirements. Among them, it has long service life and good quality, which is what we can guarantee from the factory compared with the electronic experimental machine, and can be purchased and used in batches. During the work, the special steel wire rope threading and bending stay wire is completed at one time. The wall lead wire holds the steel wire rope to complete the setting out stay wire at one time. The wiring workers can operate and use it immediately after they get started, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers. It is easy to carry and control. The threading speed of the threading machine can reach 40 to 60 meters per minute, and the threading length is 20 to 30 meters, and the threading length can exceed 7 straight bends within 90 degrees. It is used for laying indoor wires. The mechanical power is used to imitate the traditional manual stringing principle to pass through the leads, and then the leads bound to the wires are pulled back by the motor. It pays more and more attention to the quality of work. The setting out and pulling wire are completed at one time. It is a necessary machine for building interior decoration dark wire through wall lead. In the traditional case, the workers lay the pipes little by little according to the design drawings, and when encountering difficult conduits, twoorthree people have to pry them with iron bars, which is particularly laborious. In order to solve this problem, we have made and produced a wall threading machine. The machine needs to properly maintain the electrical threading device to ensure its normal use. Therefore, Renxian Zhenhong machinery is selected as the high-quality electrical threading device. Not only the product quality is excellent, but also the technical after-sales service is excellent

the following problems shall be paid attention to when using the automatic threading machine: (1) three-phase or single-phase AC single core cables and wires shall not be separately threaded into the steel pipe. (2) Different circuits, indoor electrician automatic threading machines, wires of different voltages, AC and DC shall not be threaded into the same pipe. For building threading machines used by electricians, wires of the same AC circuit must be threaded into the same metal conduit. Hefei threading machine shall not have joints in the pipe. When in use, first align the traction head with the movable pulley on the trolley frame, thread it through the pulley, and then thread, pull wire, dredge pipes, etc. If you want to pull all the threading devices out of the frame, you should pay special attention to that one end is stuck in the ring on the trolley frame. This ring is used to fix the traction head when winding the threading device, so you should be careful to break the traction head when pulling it out. The glass steel threading device of the winding threading device is hard and brittle, so you should keep its bending small diameter no less than 60 cm during use; In pipeline or other construction environment. Adhere to the tenet of "quality first, users first, reputation first", and meet the needs of users with preferential prices, high-quality products and perfect services. Relying on innovation and excellent quality, we will produce first-class products, create first-class benefits, and create a beautiful and brilliant tomorrow with you

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