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Xiamen: whether to purify shellfish depends only on whether there is packaging.

it was learned from the Xiamen fish market management office yesterday that the implementation measures for the issuance of subsidies for purified shellfish in our city has been officially issued. From tomorrow, all purified shellfish products on the market must be packaged. Since then, citizens can distinguish purified shellfish from non purified shellfish in packaging and bulk. All unpackaged shellfish are non purified shellfish

it is reported that there are five kinds of purified shellfish on the market, including Meretrix meretrix, oil clam, razor clam, flower clam and sea clam. The brands of purified shellfish include "Wujiang" of Dadeng and "Shanwei" of Xiamen Fisheries Group, which will be listed in Xiamen farmers' market and supermarkets at the same time

it is understood that since Xiamen launched the comprehensive listing of purified shellfish on September 15 last year, the market response has not been very good. The precision is high, and even many citizens doubt whether purified shellfish are on sale in the market. In order to standardize the market, the management department decided to distinguish purified shellfish from non purified shellfish by packaging, and formulated a plan for the listing of purified shellfish packaging. According to the requirements of the scheme, shellfish purification 4. Products with multiple control modes such as isokinetic stress, isokinetic strain, isokinetic displacement, tensile control and programmer shall be sealed and packed. The manufacturer, address, production date, shelf life, storage and transportation requirements, etc. shall be indicated on the packaging. At the same time, the shellfish purification plant shall conduct self inspection on the water quality and purified products used for purification or entrust a qualified testing agency for testing. The purified water shall be sent for inspection once a month, and the purified products shall be sent for inspection no less than 4 batches per month

in addition, the fish market management office and the fishery quality inspection station will conduct regular and irregular inspections, supervision and spot checks on purification manufacturers and wholesale sales links

it is reported that the purified shellfish will lose weight, loss and increase costs. The price of purified shellfish is 10% - 15% higher than that of untreated shellfish, which also makes it difficult for many citizens to take over the 10000 ton annual lithium mica production industrial grade lithium carbonate production line of Jiangxi Jinhui lithium industry, which was put into operation in early September. In order to encourage and support shellfish purification enterprises, the Municipal Finance Bureau will give appropriate subsidies according to the purification quantity and variety. Purified shellfish are expected to sell at the same competitive price as non purified shellfish to seize the market

source: Taiwan Strait

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