Which domestic titanium dioxide is the most popula

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Water based coatings, which domestic titanium dioxide can let you rest assured

water based coatings, which domestic titanium dioxide can give you confidence

august 28, 2018

titanium dioxide is known as the best white pigment

the application of titanium dioxide in coating production has been very mature

at present, the market share of water-based coatings is rapidly expanding in China

how long is the corresponding application of domestic titanium dioxide brand products? 6. Does the system have relatively perfect protection measures

main technical indicators of the bridge expansion joint mechanical performance testing machine: Here I will share some information with you in combination with the market feedback

at present, in the field of water-based coating production, the early and mature products are Pangang 258, 298, longmang 996, Zhonghe 215 and other products

from the perspective of cost performance, I would like to recommend Bailian 699, tihai 218, Nanti 950, 9502, 9503 and other products. These products have received good market feedback in latex paint, coating and industrial paint for internal and external walls of buildings

application case: a coating enterprise in Hebei originally used longmang 996, Dongfang titanium 5566 and other products. Due to the gap in the original supply traders, I recommended Bailian 699, which was successfully applied after testing

Bll 69 is normal 9 market application feedback: good covering, medium whiteness and good dispersion

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