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[inventory] which chemical giants are playing "headwind expansion"

[inventory] which chemical giants are playing "headwind expansion"

october 21, 2014

[China paint information] due to many uncertain factors in the international economic environment, the demand in the European and American markets is sluggish, and the M & A transactions of the global chemical business have entered a relatively weak period from the peak in 2011

however, for some enterprises with strong financial resources, this is the right time to "bargain hunting" - take the opportunity to expand the company's territory

today, let's take a look at which chemical enterprises are at the forefront of this round of "headwind expansion"


ppg is the second largest coating giant in the world. In recent years, PPG has been acquiring and expanding one after another with a fierce momentum

in fact, before focusing on the M & A in the coating field, PPG was a diversified company with coating as its core business that developed rapidly through continuous M & A

ppg spent 10 years to divest its automotive glass, bulk chemicals and full line of sight optical businesses, thereby obtaining more abundant M & a funds and starting a new round of M & A in the paint field

acquisition of coating business of colpisa and its subsidiaries

in January 2013, PPG announced that it had completed the acquisition of coating business of colpisa and its subsidiaries. After the acquisition of colpisa, PPG became the only large multinational paint supplier in Colombia with an original paint production base for automobiles, and became the leading supplier in Colombia with a full range of automotive touch up paint products and mature sales network

merge with georgiagulf to form a new company

on July 19, 2013, PPG company once again stepped on the stage of M & a market and agreed to merge its chemical department with georgiagulf to establish a new company. The amount of cash plus equity transactions reached US $2.1 billion, and PPG's shareholders will obtain 50.5% of the combined company's equity

accept AkzoNobel's decorative coating business in North America

on December 14, 2013, PPG announced that it agreed to take over the decorative coating business in North America of AkzoNobel, the Dutch chemical giant, the world's largest coating manufacturer, at a price of US $1.1 billion

the North American business has long been a burden to AkzoNobel, because it lacks the scale to compete with the local market leader Xuanwei company, and only recently achieved profits

acquisition of some assets of sprait

on December 18, 2013, PPG acquired some assets of sprait

sprelat has a solid position in industrial markets such as auto parts, construction powder coatings, transportation and general industrial niche markets

this acquisition has expanded PPG's production capacity of liquid and powder industrial coatings, helping to strengthen its position in the industrial coatings market in the Americas

acquisition of hi temp coatings

in March 2014, PPG announced that it had completed the acquisition of most of the assets of hi temp Coatings Technology Co., Inc

hi temp is a private enterprise that supplies high temperature resistant and insulating coatings. Its headquarters are located in boxborough, Massachusetts, USA. The acquisition business will be included in the coating products for protecting carbon steel and stainless steel substrates under extreme high temperature environment, so as to further enrich the product portfolio of PPG industrial protection and marine coatings. The coatings produced by hi temp can be widely used in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, pulp and paper mills, power plants and other enterprises

this acquisition has enhanced the product portfolio of PPG's industrial protection and marine coating business.

the coating can withstand extreme temperatures to protect carbon steel and stainless steel substrates. This coating is widely used in refineries, petrochemical plants, paper mills and power plants

the acquisition of consociocomex

the failure of Sherwin Williams, a manufacturer of paint and coating products, in Mexico gave PPG a chance

ppg said at the end of June this year that it would purchase consorcio Comex, a leading paint company, for us $3.2 billion. Prior to this, Sherwin Williams gave up its efforts to acquire Comex in April due to the rejection of transactions by Mexican antitrust authorities for many times

this M & a transaction can bring PPG leading architectural coatings business in Mexico and Central America,

while the company's architectural coatings business in this region is almost negligible. COMEX is a privately held company that sells its products through its approximately 3600 stores and regional retailers, wholesalers and direct sales channels. COMEX is mainly engaged in the production and sales of coatings and related products

recently, another market news came out that PPG wanted to acquire Valspar or garberry...

no matter whether the rumors are true or whether they can be realized, at least the industry feels that PPG is under the pressure of continuous expansion through large-scale mergers and acquisitions, and has the momentum to replace AkzoNobel and become a new brother in the coating industry


it is said that some people resign and return to their hometown, while others rush to the examination room on a snowy night

while a large number of chemical enterprises continue to subtract and weaken their identity as "chemical enterprises" by stripping chemical businesses, BASF has been adding up and acquiring a large number of related businesses


expand the Indian market through acquisition

in January 2013, Huntsman revealed that it planned to double the sales in the Indian market to 1billion US dollars by

stevestilliard, vice president and general manager of Huntsman, said: "the company expects to spend US $10million in capital expenditure in the Indian market every year, with a growth rate of 13%-15%. The company is now planning to expand the Indian market by acquiring medium-sized enterprises."

high performance products and materials used in textile industry and polyurethane industry are the main revenue source of Huntsman India. High performance products include amines, carbonates and several special surfactants

Huntsman has already launched capital operation in the Indian market

2011, Huntsman acquired laffans Petrochemical Company, a chemical producer in anklesiwa, India; Acquired the Baroda business unit from metrochem industries in 2009; It has also set up a polyurethane composite plant in Pune, India

set up a composite material factory

Huntsman enhanced downstream capacity through the acquisition of business, reflecting Huntsman's confidence in the long-term development of MDI polyurethane business

on December 30, 2011, Huntsman announced the successful acquisition of EMA Kimya sistemleri sanayive ticareta S.。 EMA composite factory can produce polyester polyols and mixed MDIs for thermal insulation, automobile, adhesives, coatings, elastomers, furniture and other fields

at the same time, Huntsman has also set up composite plants in Russia and Indonesia

acquisition of n is part of the equity of sliding friction ipponaqua

in March 2013, Huntsman announced that it had successfully acquired 20% equity of nipponaqua Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of sprayed polyurethane foam insulation materials, and signed a 10-year supply agreement with it

Huntsman has long provided Nippon aqua with a variety of advanced MDI based polyurethane system materials. Nippon Aqua has a leading position in the spray polyurethane foam Market in Japan. It is subordinate to the Japanese housing developer hinokiya Co., Ltd. and is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, with operations in more than 30 cities in Japan

acquisition of oxid

in August 2013, Huntsman announced that it had successfully acquired oxid, an American polyol producer, at a price of US $75million. The acquisition of oxid will help quickly enhance Huntsman's ability to supply the global downstream insulation market

oxid polyol products containing MDI are an important part of the production of polyurethane building insulation materials. Oxid distributes terol special polyol products through its Houston plant

acquisition of Lockwood functional additives and titanium dioxide business on October 10, 2014, Huntsman announced the successful acquisition of Lockwood Holdings' functional additives and titanium dioxide (TiO2) business

so far, Huntsman will become the largest sulfuric acid mineral processor. Sulfuric acid mineral is an important raw material with low price and can replace chlorine mineral. Huntsman's titanium dioxide business will be second only to DuPont

acquisition of Solutia Inc.

in early 2012, Eastman announced that it would acquire Solutia Inc

in the solar film industry, shounuo company is like a thunderclap. Especially in 2010, after Weigu and amber optics were also included in the solar film industry, shounuo company was no different. In China, Weigu focuses on the high-end market; Longmo is one of the three brands with the highest market share; Amber optics led the trend of ceramic films

Eastman has a plan to acquire the advantages of shounuo in this respect

shounuo helps Eastman strengthen its connection with the terminal market and accelerate its development in Asia

acquisition of CLC

similar logic is also reflected in the layout of acquisition of CLC. This acquisition will help Eastman better serve the customer base of window film and protective film

in March, 2014, Eastman announced that it had reached an agreement to acquire Commonwealth latinatingand coating, Inc. (CLC)

clc is an independent manufacturer of window film and special film, a global marketer and distributor who should also consider whether the oil is too thin and dirty. Its products are used in automotive, construction and other protection applications. In 2013, CLC's sales revenue was about USD 100million. The acquisition includes CLC's production facilities and general distribution center in Martinsville, Virginia, and nine other distribution centers serving the global market

acquisition of temenko

in September 2014, Eastman announced that it agreed to acquire temenko Belgium, a special chemicals company, at a price of about US $1.8 billion, aiming to expand the company's global influence

TMC is the world's largest producer of alkyl amines and alkyl amine derivatives

this transaction will help Eastman Chemical expand its influence in the food, feed and agricultural products markets, and will incorporate the alkyl amine technology platform into its assets


acquisition of Comex

in November 2012, Xuanwei group announced that it would purchase consorciocomexsa, a privately held paint and coating manufacturer in Mexico, with us $2billion in cash


several brands of paints and coatings are sold in the United States and Canada, and architectural and industrial coatings are sold in Mexico

prior to this, Xuanwei has launched a series of acquisitions, including the acquisition of Hutton company for us $800million, including the inclusion of two coating companies in Chile and Brazil that can respond to solvents and generate large-scale deformation, and the expansion of their business to South America

these M & A transactions are the embodiment of Xuanwei's strategy to expand the global market


acquires AkzoNobel's paper chemicals business in July 2014, Kemira, a Finnish chemical company, spent 153million euros to acquire AkzoNobel's global paper chemicals business

AkzoNobel's papermaking chemicals business includes retention and drainage aid products and sizing agents, as well as other papermaking chemicals including wet strength agents and coating products

in 2013, the operating revenue of this business reached 243million euros (40% in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, 30% in the Americas and 30% in the Asia Pacific region)

Kemira is engaged in the development, application and provision of professional technologies and chemicals in the pulp and paper industry

this acquisition helps to consolidate its position in the industry, especially in the packaging and paperboard industry

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