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Which brand of Sichuan LED road lamp cap is reliable

which brand of Sichuan LED road lamp cap is reliable. Sichuan feiwen Technology Co., Ltd. is a national science and technology enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The company's factory is located in Jiaolong village, Hualong bridge, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, specializing in the production of LED outdoor landscape lighting lamps. The company provides customers with high-quality products and services to meet the needs of our customers. With the enterprise value of "honesty, gratitude, hard work and sharing" and the product concept of "leading waterproof and pursuing excellence", the company strives to build a harmonious and beautiful home

corporate mission: make life and home better; Enterprise value: honesty, gratitude, hard work and sharing; Enterprise spirit: optimistic, never say die, dare to take responsibility and fight; Service philosophy: customer first, quality *, comprehensive service, honesty oriented; Product philosophy: leading waterproof and pursuing excellence

architecture "in the automotive industry, the night scene lighting of objects is commonly used, such as floodlighting, contour lighting, etc. The floodlighting of the building facade is to use projection light (floodlighting) The lamp directly illuminates the facade of the building at a certain angle calculated according to the design, so as to reshape the night image of the building. The effect can not only show the overall picture of the building, but also effectively show the shape, three-dimensional feeling, stone decoration materials and material texture of the building, as well as the decorative details. Floodlighting does not simply reproduce the daytime image of the building, but uses the means of light, color and shadow of projection lighting to reshape the more moving, beautiful and magnificent image of the building at night. Building outline lighting is to use linear light sources (LED line lights, led wall washing lights, LED guardrail tubes, all-in-one light-emitting optical fibers, etc.) to directly sketch the building outline. The use of narrow beam light to illuminate the edge of the building can also play a role in outlining the outline

in addition to the superb architectural design that decorates every high-rise building today, the "lights" that serve as the finishing touch are also not allowed to be peeped. When night falls, the brilliance of each city slowly shines. Prague, dancing house; Hearst building, New York; Melbourne, reading center and theatre company Theatre; Singapore, Binhai Art Center; Spain, city of art and science; New York, New York Museum of new contemporary art; Beijing, Grand Theatre; These seven buildings have always been regarded as the seven most beautiful architectural lighting in the world. Among the seven most beautiful architectural lighting, floodlighting is adopted in many of them. Floodlighting can play a great role in the line, outline, structure and material of buildings

with the development of modern civilization, most of the ancient buildings have stepped off the stage of history, but some of them still stand on the mountain of history, and the rest have become giants, which are stained with the blood and tears of the Chinese nation, brilliant and dim historical totem. They have seen the rise and fall of the motherland and witnessed the rise and fall of the motherland. Nowadays, under the illumination of lighting engineering lamps, ancient buildings are perfectly integrated with modern cities, as if they were one body without any disorder. The whole lighting project mainly adopts LED wall washing lamp, LED projection lamp and some led corrugated lamps. Lighting engineering lamps and lanterns not only illuminate ancient buildings, but also describe the history of the city and tell people the strength of this big family

trees are one of the four elements of garden landscape. There are many kinds of trees in various forms. In addition to beautifying the environment and providing people with viewing, they also have the efficiency of regulating and protecting the environment. Lighting shall be treated differently according to the height, size, shape characteristics and color of trees. Lighting method of roads in the park: the road is the vein of the garden, leading visitors to various scenic spots from the entrance. The path walking plastic machine industry will have a winding export hot direction, creating an effect of different walking scenes and winding paths. The lighting method shall closely follow the characteristics that Bartel is considering adding a new Licensor in Europe. Chinese classical architecture is unique and has its own system. It has its own inherent characteristics in material, shape, plane and spatial layout. The main buildings are in the middle, and other buildings are developed to both sides according to the central axis. The architectural form is basically composed of three parts: step base, roof and body

sometimes I have to admire the wisdom of human beings. They can perfectly match ancient buildings with modern buildings. The changing stiffness of components will remain unchanged, and the whole artistic conception will be very harmonious. The LED wall washing lamp depicts the outline of the whole ancient overpass. With the illumination of LED projection lamp, the overpass will be built into a majestic building. This is the momentum of a big country. I can't help but sigh that once China, all nations offered tribute, All kinds of power, once the Heavenly Kingdom was so powerful. After centuries of ups and downs, China has not sunk this big family with a long history. Following the leadership of the Party Central Committee, now China has returned to the ranks of world powers. I believe that China will be able to revive in the future. Ancient buildings should not only be the majestic king in the day, but also the shining planet in the night. Feiwen, a lighting lamp manufacturer, has been committed to providing customers with competitive engineering lighting solutions, focusing on the production of lighting engineering lamps, which is deeply trusted by customers

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