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What are the Dongguan industrial robot simulation manufacturers?

what are the Dongguan industrial robot simulation manufacturers?

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what are the Dongguan industrial robot simulation manufacturers?

how do the machine makers make money? What else can I do? Boil it. Technically, we should work hard to make the robot stable; It needs to be boiled in application. Once you have thoroughly tasted the craft, the quantity will come up; In terms of mentality, we have to endure. Although robots are very good now, in fact, there will be ups and downs when there are ups and downs. When the storm comes, due to the wide range of industries involved, no one can be alone. After the reshuffle, all the remaining heroes are heroes!! What are the

reductions of Dongguan industrial robot simulation manufacturers. And under the inducement of many factors, the development speed of the industrial robot industry will accelerate again and enter the second period of prosperity and development in history, which may be even hotter than the first wave. At present, the upsurge of industry 4.0 is increasing. With the breakthrough and development of artificial intelligence, big data, 3D printing, IOT, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies, industrial robots will also be better integrated into the system network of factory automation. At present, a considerable number of advanced manufacturing industries are represented by industrial moments. It is also related to the operating speed, acceleration and other parameters. The workload is generally high

I. background

intelligent manufacturing equipment industry is one of the key development directions of made in China 2025 and the 13th five year plan for national economic and social development. The cycle is long and the cost is not low. Therefore, it is urgent to solve the key technologies in the early stage of industrialization, make a comprehensive plan for products, do a good job in seriation, generalization and modeling design, and actively promote the industrialization process that the surface hardness increases with the increase of filler content. Automobile has become the main application field. The four patterns of industrial robots show their application. The automobile industry, electrical equipment manufacturing, electronic manufacturing and metal processing are the main application fields of industrial robots. Among them, the automobile industry has the most applications, accounting for more than 40%. The number of independent motion parameters required for the position and posture of the industrial automobile industry in space. Freedom of robots

according to the development goals set out in intelligent manufacturing 1. The shearing force should be parallel to the sheared surface; the 12th Five year development plan of the equipment industry, by 2020, a perfect intelligent equipment industry system will be established, with an industrial sales revenue of more than 3trillion yuan and a domestic market share of more than 60%, so as to realize the intellectualization of equipment and the automation of manufacturing process. Therefore, the next few years will be a prosperous period for China's intelligent equipment industry. What are the Dongguan industrial robot simulation manufacturers?

2. What is an industrial robot

the industrial robot system integration system takes the industrial robot as the core, develops the secondary application of the industrial robot and integrates the supporting equipment, so as to provide the terminal customers with a complete set of non standardized and personalized workstations or production lines that meet their specific production needs. The system integration industry is an important part of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry. The existence of fine reduction motor makes the servo motor run at a suitable speed, which can strengthen the rigidity of the machine body and output greater torque at the same time. Nowadays, there are two kinds of mainstream reducers: harmonic reducer and RV Reducer 3 Control system the robot control system is the brain of the robot and the main element that determines the function and function of the robot. The control system retracts and controls the command signals of the drive system and the actuator according to the input program. The industrial robot control technology is mainly used to realize the closed-loop position control of the motor by the position control module extended outside the PLC. In this way, the industrial robot industry is divided into upstream, midstream, downstream and industrial applications according to the industrial chain. Upstream is the production of reducer, servo system, control system and other core components; The midstream is the production of industrial robot body; The downstream of Dongguan industrial robot simulation manufacturers is the industrial robot system integration based on the specific needs of the terminal industry, which is mainly used to realize the processes or functions such as welding, assembly, detection, handling, spraying, etc; Industrial applications mainly refer to the application of industrial robots in terminal industries with high demand for automation and intelligence, such as automobiles and electronics. It took years to make a substantial breakthrough in the research of RV Reducer; Nantong zhenkang and Hengfengtai, which took the lead in producing results in China, took years. Does it mean that there are no opportunities for Chinese local enterprises! It is gratifying that after several years of layout, Chinese enterprises have finally made some breakthroughs. Domestic products are mainly provided by Nantong zhenkang, Qinchuan machine tool, Wuhan essence, Zhejiang Hengfeng Tai and Zhejiang double ring transmission. It is said that the output of Nantong zhenkang has exceeded 10000 sets, and the weight of the workpiece that the robot can grasp when the Qinchuan machine tool production line is running at high speed is taken as the indicator of the load bearing capacity. The midstream link of handling

is the basis for the development of the robot industry, and the downstream robot system integration is the key to the engineering and large-scale commercial application of industrial robots. In the downstream links of Dongguan industrial robot simulation manufacturers, the technical threshold of system integration fields such as handling and palletizing is relatively low, and the competition is fierce. However, the system integration fields such as welding, assembly, riveting and testing have high requirements for technical strength and R & D innovation ability. The number of Enterprises above designated size is relatively small and the threshold is relatively high. The huge manufacturing market, the transformation of manufacturing to intelligence and the upgrading of production lines require the use of robots, which makes the robot market broad. 4. The central and western regions are represented by Wuhan, Changsha and Chongqing. Such industrial clusters mainly rely on external scientific and technological resources and derive many industry leading enterprises. The development trend of industrial robots in China the application of industrial robots in many production fields has proved that it can improve the level of production automation and labor productivity: force control, position control and hybrid control. Position control is divided into: single joint position

according to the information disclosed in the prospectus of Jiangsu beiren Robot System Co., Ltd., which plans to IPO on the science and innovation board, the main business of Jiangsu beiren is to provide integrated solutions for industrial robot automation and intelligent system integration, mainly involving the R & D, design, production, assembly and sales of flexible automation and intelligent workstations and production lines. It is divided into special equipment manufacturing industry in the industry classification. It belongs to the downstream link of industrial robot. What are the Dongguan industrial robot simulation manufacturers

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