What are the design styles of house decoration

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In the interior decoration, there are also features that are both modern and practical, and absorb traditional features, integrating ancient and modern Chinese and western in the decoration and furnishings. Here, Xingbang decoration designer suggests that the mix and match should be moderate. Once the bearing limit of the mix and match house is exceeded, the overall indoor feeling will be very messy

Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style is more popular in recent years. What attracts owners is not only its bright color combination, but also the arch space with unique shape. The dreamy blue and white collocation is even more eye-catching. In the combination design, pay attention to the space collocation, make full use of every inch of space, and do not show cramped, do not lose atmosphere, and liberate the open free space

Southeast Asian style

Southeast Asian style is a home design method that combines the characteristics of Southeast Asian ethnic islands and exquisite cultural taste. It is more suitable for decoration owners who like quiet and elegant, unrestrained and refined. Wood and other natural raw materials are widely used, such as rattan, bamboo, stone, bronze and brass, dark wood colored furniture, and some golden wallpaper and silk textured fabrics are locally used. The change of lighting reflects a sense of stability and luxury

Japanese style

Japanese style is a style formed around the 13th century, which mainly combines the characteristics of Buddhism, shrines and Chinese Tang Dynasty architecture. Japanese style focuses on the color of logs, as well as the color of bamboo, rattan, hemp and other natural materials, forming a simple natural style. Japanese sliding door and tatami are typical representatives of Japanese style

design is the soul of home decoration, and style is the main body of design. You need to set a good decoration style in decoration. You may like simple decoration, or romantic American style. No matter which kind you like, quickly set a decoration company and choose a satisfactory designer. As it happens, Wuhan home decoration network provides decoration bidding services for the majority of Wuhan owners. You only need to enter the decoration bidding page of Wuhan home decoration network and fill in your name, phone number, community and other decoration information to participate in the bidding. The platform can select 3 to 4 suitable decoration companies to measure rooms for free according to your requirements, and formulate decoration plans. The details are OK





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