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The continuous "high fever" has had a certain impact on the daily work and life of citizens, especially the Cohen family, who are struggling in the production line, suffer from the heat every day and become the hardest people in high temperature days. However, the high temperature weather did not affect everyone's high enthusiasm for work. During the company's activities in July, the production site was full of busy workers

since the start of the activity in July, in order to meet and ensure the dealer's demand for goods, the families in the production line of Zhejiang Cohen electric appliance have been working overtime every day to catch up. The weather is hot and the summer heat is hot. At the moment, people working in the office have turned on the air conditioner. However, due to the special working environment in the production workshop, it is impossible to install an air conditioner, so they can only rely on a large fan to relieve the summer heat. However, the family members in each position of the production line are enthusiastic and energetic. The whole production system, regardless of you and me, cooperates and cooperates with each other to complete the production tasks with the fastest speed, the best quality and the highest efficiency

due to the impact of global warming, the temperature in summer is higher than that in the past, and the continuous high-temperature weather is longer, so the high-temperature weather and the care of enterprise leaders have been moving forward. Yu Feng, general manager of Cohen appliance, said: "The July event is not only a challenge for the family of the marketing department, but also a challenge for the family of the production department, and I am very moved by the positive and selfless dedication of the family of the production department. Especially this event, compared with the past, we are facing greater production pressure and heavier tasks. But I firmly believe that you will win the hard battle of the July event, because with your support, I believe Cohen will get better and better."




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