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How to insulate your family

will you have such trouble: when you are sleeping soundly in the dead of night, suddenly there is a burst of loud cheers next door. When you finally fall asleep, you are pulled back to reality by the cheers next door. Don't worry, Xiaobian will bring you some relevant knowledge of home decoration sound insulation today to help you get rid of this kind of trouble

1 wall sound insulation

no hard installation: you can install sound-absorbing cotton or sound-insulating cotton in the wall, which can effectively prevent the transmission of sound in both directions. Because it is embedded in the wall, it will not have any impact on the normal wall decoration

if you have finished the decoration but are still troubled by poor sound insulation, you can choose some sound insulation cotton or sound insulation board to post on the wall. If the effect is not ideal, you can consider playing soft bags at home, such as TV background wall, bedside background wall, partial wall of corridor, etc. The soft bag is filled with sponge with Australian pine board, and the surface is made of leather or cloth, which takes into account both beauty and sound absorption

2 window sound insulation

in today's home decoration, it is recommended to use double-layer hollow glass windows. Now the progress of technology makes its price no longer expensive. In terms of window materials, plastic steel has better sound insulation effect than aluminum alloy. At the same time, the double-layer curtain, in addition to the sound insulation effect, can effectively reduce the indoor and outdoor heat exchange, and save a sum of electricity when turning on the heating and air conditioning! At the same time, if the home decoration environment allows, curtains can be made of thick materials, which also has a certain attractive effect

3 sound insulation of the door

the tightness of the door is difficult to change. It mainly focuses on the size of the gap around the door. If the gap is too large, the sound will be easily transmitted. At the same time, it also shows that the door and the door frame do not match, and the design and installation are not qualified. If you want to fundamentally isolate the sound from the door, change a solid wood! Professional practice of famous craftsman: in terms of sound insulation of doors and windows, famous craftsman installed sealing strips at the door frames and transformed the insulating glass of the windows, which can not only effectively reduce noise, but also significantly improve the role of heat insulation protection

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