How to choose the material of the whole wardrobe

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How to choose the overall wardrobe board? Overall wardrobe material

how to choose the overall wardrobe plate? Overall wardrobe material

many people are not satisfied with just focusing on the overall wardrobe, but are willing to spend more time and energy to study the overall wardrobe, and are willing to join the overall wardrobe

how to choose the panel of the overall wardrobe? How to choose the whole wardrobe board? Overall wardrobe materials

the general trend, we are more willing to buy panel overall wardrobe, and the market prospect is very good. But to do a good job in this panel integrated wardrobe, it is not enough for the market to be good. You also need to have some relevant knowledge. At least I have to know what kinds of plates are in the overall wardrobe. Only in this way can we give him an accurate and effective recommendation according to the needs of customers, and win the trust and support of customers

the boards used to make the overall wardrobe include solid wood particle board, medium fiber board, Hexiang board, etc., which are the most used types in the overall wardrobe. What are the characteristics of these three kinds of plates? Solid wood particle board is generally called particleboard, and its composition is mainly made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials, and then it is synthesized with adhesives under the action of heat and pressure

MDF, also known as MDF, belongs to MDF, including long fiber board and short fiber board. The raw materials are wood fibers or other plant fibers, which need to be broken, separated and dried, and then bonded with urea formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesives. It needs to be hot pressed and finally completed. It is a common man-made board

if you know the main raw materials of these three kinds of plates, it will be very smooth when you introduce them to customers. If you are a franchisee who is an old carpenter, you will generally teach franchisees the knowledge of various components and properties of plates, and franchisees also have great trust in the old carpenter. For more Household tips, please pay attention to Zhangzhou old carpenters. When you go to Zhangzhou old carpenters to customize the wardrobe, you can create a wardrobe and furniture that only belongs to you according to your room environment. You can buy it at ease and use it at ease

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