How to save money by decorating a house

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For most families, the most important thing about decoration is to save money. Don't spend what you can't spend, and save as much as you can. This is nothing more than a good thing. How can you save money by decorating a house? Now let's see how to save money by decorating the house with Xiaobian for your reference

many decoration materials use synthetic chemicals such as adhesives and plastic components when they are made, which will gradually release toxic substances in the process of use. Plastics, wallpapers, chemical fiber carpets, floor tiles, etc. can cause the rise of indoor formaldehyde; In addition, paints and oil in water coatings also contain organic substances such as dichloroethylene and dihydromethane. These toxic substances will be slowly released after decoration, and it will take years for them to completely volatilize! Many of the popular decoration materials, such as marble, contain radioactive substances, which will cause harm to the blood, liver, kidney, digestive system, etc

first, water and fire are a major killer of families. According to the survey, more than half of the families causing fires are caused by leakage, so we must buy good switches and sockets

1. Safety socket

everyone was full of curiosity when he was young, so families with children must choose safe sockets, which have special protective measures

2. Waterproof socket

waterproof sockets must be used in toilets and kitchens. It is inevitable that we will get some water when we do things at ordinary times

3. Air conditioning socket

this thing should be used exclusively for air conditioners and cannot be mixed with other sockets

4. Socket quality

sockets must be orthodox, and it is best to buy them in the formal building materials market

second, saving water is the key in daily life, so it is better to choose famous brand sanitary ware

1. Water saving performance

the general famous brand toilet has its water-saving design, and the flushing water is also divided into several water consumption. We can use it according to our needs when we use it at ordinary times. In this way, the water cost saved is not a fraction of a year

2. Noise

some toilets are noisy. Think about it. In the dead of night, the noise will affect the sleep of family members, and it may not be washed clean. So when we choose, we must choose the siphon vortex flush toilet with low noise

third, for the sake of environmental protection and health of the family, we must buy the most expensive big core board

the consumption of ordinary home decoration large core board will not exceed 10, so even if you buy the most expensive large core board, the total price can be controlled within 1500 yuan, so it is recommended to buy a single large core board with a price of more than 125 yuan, which is environmentally friendly and has guaranteed quality, and will not increase too much project budget

fourth, in order to avoid fake goods and short weight, paint must be bought in supermarkets

1. In this way, you won't buy fake products, and famous brand coatings generally have market guiding prices, which may be cheaper to buy in supermarkets

2. You won't buy a package with insufficient weight. The general coating may be 5 kilograms a barrel, but sometimes, the building materials market may be short of weight. On the surface, you may feel cheap, but you still suffer

3. You don't have to buy five in one paint to buy latex paint, whether it's five in one or three in one, whether it's the second generation or the third generation. The basic performance is similar, but the difference is the special advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, scrub resistance and so on. So if you simply decorate, you don't have to buy five in one or full effect. When decorating, we must pay attention to the fact that some furniture has a high formaldehyde content. We must pay attention to this problem. If it affects the health and living standards of our families, buying a house is not worth the loss

this is how to save money by decorating the house. For more information, you can follow the information




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