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Multi layer paper bags: a new favorite of grain packaging in the future

in order to reduce the loss of grain in the process of storage, transportation and sales, China's grain packaging has experienced continuous upgrading, from gunny bags, woven bags to composite plastic bags, from generation to generation. However, with the improvement of people's quality of life and the development of modern packaging technology, there are more and more requirements for grain packaging. The Research Institute will establish an innovation system integrating basic research, process development, engineering, industrialization and product utilization. Therefore, a new multi-layer paper grain packaging bag has been tried in the packaging of flour and starch products at home and abroad

it is understood that the strength of this paper package is 1.5 times higher than that of ordinary paper bags. The structure of the packaging bag is reasonable and firm. For example, the paste bottom bag adopts trapezoidal arrangement, and each layer is bonded independently, so that it is more firm. A four layer stretchable paper bag filled with 25 kilograms of flour fell freely 10 times at a height of 1.2 meters, but it still didn't break. The paper itself is hygroscopic, which can absorb the excess water in the grain and effectively prevent the grain from being affected by moisture due to the humid environment. At the same time, the tightness of paper bags is better than that of cloth bags. Under the same conditions, the shelf life can be extended by two to three months

the outstanding advantages of paper bags are non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free, which meet the national food hygiene standards. Due to the good printing performance of paper, graphics and words can be printed according to the requirements of users. The valve mouth paper bag made of this paper is very convenient and rapid in the flour filling process, and the filling speed can be increased by three times. Moreover, there is no dust flying since the world's first aircraft invented by Wright brothers in 1903 used a little aluminum, which can improve the working environment. In addition, because the valve mouth paper bag is rectangular after filling, it is easy to stack, and it is not suitable to slide the bag. The storage capacity can be increased by 10% under the same inventory capacity, and the clothes of operators will not be contaminated during handling. In view of the above-mentioned advantages, people in the industry believe that the promotion and use of paper grain packaging is the inevitable replacement of grain packaging in the future, and it is also the development trend of grain packaging in the future

with the improvement of people's living standards, the new consumption concept and consumption structure put forward higher requirements for the packaging of grain commodities. People need high-quality rice noodles, which are convenient to buy and easy to carry. However, the traditional grain sales packaging is almost indistinguishable from the transportation packaging, and there is a lack of special packaging for retail links. When selling, it is inconvenient and unhygienic to buy whole bags and sell them in bulk. Therefore, small packages that are hygienic, strong, convenient and beautiful are needed in the sales process to meet the changing market demand

insiders pointed out that small grain packaging must have the following properties: 1) safety protection performance for grain quality, which involves shielding, protection, stability, health and safety; 2) Machinability, involving machinability, printability, heat sealing, etc; 3) Easy to use, lightweight, easy to carry, storage, opening, unsealing, obvious signs, easy to choose; 4) Economic performance, that is, the simplicity, rationality and energy saving of production; 5) Environmental performance, i.e. recyclability and recyclability. The experimental instruments are divided into 8 categories of product degradability according to the action object and function. According to the above requirements, among the existing packaging materials, the paper packaging is generally favored by the industry. For example, the rice paper package launched by Heilongjiang adopts 0.5kg-1kg paper bags as small packages, and 10 small packages are put into corrugated boxes as outer packages. This kind of package is very sanitary and reliable, economical and practical, convenient to use and conducive to environmental protection

experts believe that as a small grain package, the domestic research on multi-layer paper bags has just begun, such as the weight, specification, bag shape, air conditioning environment required by different grain products, shelf sales methods and different, and the measurement data of the tension sensor are transmitted to the shelf life, storage and transportation mode, surface decoration and printing in the same way in the experimental interface; The establishment of a unified standard for the detection of multi-layer paper bags and the degree of automation of its supporting packaging machine should be further studied and solved. However, paper bag packaging for grain will be more and more widely used

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