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Raising the building of independent high-end equipment manufacturing industry to the national strategy

high end equipment manufacturing, at large, symbolizes a country's core competitiveness, involving the country's economy and national defense security; Speaking from a small perspective, it is related to the survival and development of many industries and enterprises. A few days ago, Wang Jinfu, deputy to the National People's Congress and general manager of Chery Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., said in an interview that China's machinery industry has developed rapidly in the past decade. China has become a veritable equipment manufacturing country, but it is not yet a powerful equipment manufacturing country; To realize the dream from big to strong, we must speed up the cultivation and promotion of China's independent high-end equipment manufacturing industry by improving the ability of independent innovation and correctly using overseas mergers and acquisitions

high end equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic industry that provides high-end technical equipment for national economic development and national defense construction. It has prominent characteristics such as great technical significance, high added value, large growth space and strong driving effect. It is the high-end link of equipment manufacturing industry and the core link of industrial chain. Its development level is an important symbol to measure the degree of modernization and comprehensive national strength of the country. Wang Jinfu told: when judging whether a country's machinery industry is strong, people are more concerned about the performance of several aspects, whether they have mastered the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, whether they have strong technical capacity of major equipment, whether they have a high share of high-end equipment, and whether the variety and quality of its mainstream technical equipment are in the leading position in the world. In fact, it depends on the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry

in recent years, electric vehicles will become the mainstream of new energy vehicles in the future. In recent years, driven by the country's efforts to stimulate domestic demand and a number of incentive policies, China's machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has achieved strong growth in scale. Wang Jinfu said: however, the core competitiveness of China's independent brand manufacturing industry is generally not strong, with overcapacity at the middle and low end and particularly fierce competition. The high-end links of many industries are firmly controlled by foreign brands; At the same time, in terms of key parts and core technologies, foreign brands have been holding their necks for a long time

Wang Jinfu believes that in the past few years, with the high attention and support of the state, many enterprises have placed high enthusiasm on the development of high-end equipment industry, and have made significant progress in both the host level and parts; However, we must face the reality that the independent innovation ability of China's machinery and equipment industry is not strong enough. For the independent high-end equipment manufacturing industry, we still face many challenges

with the transformation and upgrading of China's national economy, the explosive growth period of demand in the early stage of industrialization is about to pass. Since last year, the demand growth of domestic machinery industry has shown a slowing trend, which is the inevitable result of the deepening of China's industrialization process. With the pursuit of scientific development in all walks of life, the requirements for regular inspection of the tightness of equipment level and quality screws will be higher and higher. Wang Jinfu said: at the same time, compared with the sluggish economic situation in the world, China's economic growth is relatively strong, which makes enterprises in developed countries increase their efforts to compete with Chinese enterprises for the high-end equipment market. The market on which the independent high-end equipment manufacturing industry depends is facing more intense competition from foreign manufacturers

Wang Jinfu said that in the face of the new economic situation, independent high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises should strengthen their confidence, continue to strengthen their efforts in technology improvement and quality optimization, and continue to build China's own high-end equipment manufacturing brand. At the same time, he also hopes that the state can provide more encouragement, support and help to the independent high-end equipment manufacturing industry that is still in the early stage of development, and raise the creation of independent high-end equipment manufacturing industry to a national strategy, so that they can obtain more opportunities for survival and development in the competition with foreign brands

overseas M & A is an effective way for independent brands to become bigger and stronger

in view of the current overseas M & A events that domestic enterprises are very keen on, Wang Jinfu believes that China's independent brands should implement the dual independent strategy (independent innovation, independent brand), take M & A integration as a means, take independent innovation as the core, and create a number of independent brands with global competitiveness

overseas M & A is not the only way, but it is one of the most effective ways. Wang Jinfu believes that in the face of the gap with multinational enterprises, going out for cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and obtaining overseas mature technology, more advanced production equipment, and even technology and senior management talents can effectively input resources for domestic independent brands and speed up the pace of catching up with global brands

if there is a suitable overseas acquisition target, and the acquired target has a high strategic match with the enterprise's own development, then independent brands should try overseas mergers and acquisitions. Wang Jinfu said that by acquiring mature brands and technologies through overseas mergers and acquisitions, independent brands can produce products with high reliability in the short term, which is conducive to the improvement of products and brand image. Of course, we cannot give up the continuous investment in core technology to maintain the medium and long-term competitive advantage of enterprises

since we have overcome the three worldwide difficulties of low fire resistance, high smoke and high toxicity of polyurethane, a flammable organic thermal insulation material, I believe that through mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and other different expansion ways to revitalize or enlarge domestic and foreign stock resources, we can achieve the purpose of less investment, quick results, short boards and strong items. Wang Jinfu believes that on the premise of grasping the situation well, Chinese enterprises can strive to go global and give full play to their capital advantages for overseas mergers and acquisitions

however, Wang Jinfu believes that enterprises should not be careless about various risks in the process of overseas mergers and acquisitions. He stressed that for some enterprises that do not have rich experience in international operations, it is very important to hire professional teams to prevent and resolve risks through various ways and means. In addition, any enterprise's overseas M & A should conform to its own development strategy, and it is best to realize complementary advantages

after the success of M & A, we should pay attention to the operation integration of the enterprise. Through the effective integration of tangible and intangible value chains, we should quickly form a benign interaction. We should avoid the arrogance and prejudice of father and son, so as not to make the employees of the other party have resistance. We should uphold the mentality of learning and communication, and achieve cultural integration. Only in this way can we play the greatest synergy. Wang Jinfu told

independent innovation ability is more important than making money

at the same time, Wang Jinfu believes that the improvement of independent innovation ability in the mechanical equipment and automotive industry through foreign joint ventures and cooperation should be given priority over making money

Wang Jinfu said: under the background of the increasingly clear path of global economic integration, the spread of the European debt crisis, the sluggish recovery of the United States, and the growing development of Chinese enterprises, the overseas cooperation between Chinese machinery and equipment and automotive enterprises is now facing very good opportunities

he believes that Chinese enterprises that used to be primary school students in some fields, after acquiring world leading enterprises with a glorious history, although the enterprise scale has been expanded rapidly, the profit level has also been greatly improved, and the brand awareness has also been increased accordingly. However, the auto enterprises after mergers and acquisitions are still far from the top giants. It can only be said that mergers and acquisitions and foreign cooperation are powerful boosters for enterprise development and expansion. Wang Jinfu said, however, now, we should think more about how to achieve the rapid improvement of the connotation of independent innovation capability through mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and other extension expansion means

Wang Jinfu proposed that Chinese enterprises should absorb the advanced concepts and technologies of enterprises in the world, especially those in developed countries, through foreign joint ventures and cooperation, study and introduce the operation modes and management methods of the merged leading enterprises, improve the enterprise management level and operation efficiency, promote the leapfrog development of enterprise technology level with independent innovation and independent research and development as the core, and realize the transformation from made in China to made in China, We are committed to becoming a business entity with strong independent innovation ability

at the same time, Wang Jinfu called on the state to fully support the independent innovation activities of Chinese enterprises and provide a public platform for technology and product development and upgrading. For example, in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the state can consider setting up special funds to support leading enterprises in mergers and acquisitions and the integration of core technical resources such as hydraulic electronic control, gearbox and engine; Support leading enterprises with independent brands to participate in the formulation of national and industrial standards; We will promote strong alliances among advantageous enterprises, cross regional mergers and acquisitions, overseas mergers and acquisitions, and investment cooperation, thoroughly implement the "going global" strategy, and improve the international operation level of Chinese enterprises; In government procurement, the focus should be on independent brand products

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