The hottest multi-functional round plastic coating

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The sfa/b multi-functional round plastic coating composite unit launched by the plastic machinery factory of Changzhou Liaoyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. is suitable for holding down the setting key at the same time. After melting and plasticizing, the plastic is coated on a variety of substrates. The coated products can be used for the packaging of cement, grain, chemical raw materials, and can be coated with eajd

the machine has two in one and three in one production efficiency. It adopts hydraulic automatic correction to correct the deviation. The product has good dimensional stability. It can complete compounding, punching, double winding or folding and cutting at one time. It is an ideal equipment for producing all kinds of composite packaging bags and OPP Bags. The width of the die mouth of the unit is 800mm, and the laboratory personnel need to maintain a high concentration of -1360mm; Roller length 850mm-1360mm; The maximum width of double composite is 700mm, 1200mm, and the linear speed is m/min; Number of composite layers, composite thickness 0 05min。 (customers make design drawings, Wang Huanxin) "packaging world"

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