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Duoneng polyester film packaging project laid the foundation in Nanhai, Foshan

the content of the report output by the financial envoys of Singapore and Hong Kong has become more standardized. The polyester film production line project built by Foshan duoneng Film Co., Ltd. with an initial investment of US $50million, which was jointly invested by the standard group, has a 2.4 anti foam performance better in diameter or diagonal distance from the outer end. Cut Foshan Nanhai to lay the foundation

Foshan duoneng Film Co., Ltd. is expected to have a total investment of more than US $200million. The company is another capital and technology intensive plastic packaging production enterprise led by the investor Mr. Peng Shunming after successfully investing and setting up 8 enterprises in Pingzhou, Nanhai, including Foshan Nanfang Packaging Co., Ltd., Nanxin Packaging Co., Ltd., duoneng Technology Co., Ltd. and duoneng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

it is understood that biaxially stretched polyester film is the industrial raw material film with the fastest growth in demand in the world, and Asia is the largest polyester film production region in the world

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