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In recent years, with the continuous development of anti-counterfeiting printing and the research and development of anti-counterfeiting technology, the production and application of anti-counterfeiting technology products have also developed rapidly. Anti counterfeiting ink is one of the most important branches of anti-counterfeiting technology. It involves many disciplines, such as optics, chemistry, electromagnetism, calculator technology, spectrum technology, printing technology, graphic digital technology, packaging technology, etc. it is an interdisciplinary frontier discipline. Among them, chemical anti-counterfeiting materials and technology are the basic technology of anti-counterfeiting ink, which occupy a very important position in research and application, and play an irreplaceable role in the field of anti-counterfeiting with other technologies

according to the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting technology products, namely: technical reliability, product exclusivity, simplicity of identification, uniqueness of identification, timeliness of anti-counterfeiting, cost availability, etc., it is required that anti-counterfeiting ink technology should be a highly practical technology in the field of ticket anti-counterfeiting and trademark packaging anti-counterfeiting at present, which can not only meet the requirements of front-line anti-counterfeiting identification of the public, but also meet the identification of second-line and third-line senior experts and management departments Regulatory requirements. At present, the technology of anti-counterfeiting inks in China has developed rapidly, and some technologies have caught up with and exceeded the international advanced level. However, due to the negligence of management, the safety of some anti-counterfeiting inks has also been reduced

packaging and trademark anti-counterfeiting are the most important aspects of using various anti-counterfeiting means. Its core is the use of anti-counterfeiting ink in printing. Therefore, in formulating a series of anti-counterfeiting product standards, the standard of anti-counterfeiting ink is essential. In 1995, under the leadership of the State Bureau of technical supervision, the national anti counterfeiting Standardization Technical Committee was established and the "anti counterfeiting technology product management measures" were formulated to strengthen the management of anti counterfeiting technology products, prevent and combat counterfeiting and illegal activities, maintain the order of the market economy, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of producers and consumers of products. One of the important technical bases for implementing this management method is "technical standards for anti-counterfeiting products" 。

In 1997, some standards of anti-counterfeiting ink were issued. 1. The microcomputer controlled glass reverse zigzag experimental machine adopts a double column gantry structure, which plays a very important role in solving the disordered competition in the industry, standardizing the anti-counterfeiting market, promoting the technological progress and innovation of enterprises, and accelerating the pace of anti-counterfeiting technology development

the future development direction of anti-counterfeiting ink, its technology can not only meet the needs of general public identification, but also meet the needs of government supervision and arbitration, and accurately judge the authenticity through the special performance of anti-counterfeiting information. This is also a new concept of modern tickets and other anti-counterfeiting, and it is the development path of anti-counterfeiting technology

in the production of anti-counterfeiting ink, we should constantly develop new materials and new processes. Such as using functional polymers, biological genes, light, electricity, magnetism, heat, laser holography and other materials and science and technology, and adopting new processes to manufacture higher-grade anti-counterfeiting inks. In addition, in terms of anti-counterfeiting means, given that the anti-counterfeiting performance of a single anti-counterfeiting technology and means has been declining, it is necessary to strengthen the development and production of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting and multi-functional anti-counterfeiting technology to achieve higher-grade anti-counterfeiting purposes. For example, the following anti-counterfeiting technologies can be used to produce multi-functional anti-counterfeiting inks

(1) sunlight discoloration anti-counterfeiting technology: sunlight discoloration anti-counterfeiting technology is a relatively advanced front-line anti-counterfeiting technology at present. Its identification method is simple, and obvious discoloration effect can be seen under sunlight, and it can also be tested by long wave ultraviolet light (i.e. banknote detector)

(2) intelligent spectrum analysis anti-counterfeiting technology: it is a high-tech second-line and third-line anti-counterfeiting technology that combines very special encrypted substances with machine intelligent identification

(3) special anti-counterfeiting technology for long wave and short wave fluorescence: long wave fluorescence anti-counterfeiting technology is an advanced anti-counterfeiting technology adopted in the world at present

(4) constant temperature thermal anti-counterfeiting technology: it adopts specially chemically synthesized organic complexes with specific color change temperature (such as 30 ℃, 40 ℃ or 50 ℃), with complex molecular structure design, many varieties and rich color change, for example, it can change from color to colorless or one color to another color, etc

(5) laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology: using the basic laws of scattering, interference, reflection, transmission, absorption, diffraction and so on when light interacts with matter, the experimental force accuracy is ± 1%, and a special visual effect is obtained. At present, the main technical means are multilayer dielectric film structure using thin film interference effect, grating structure and various types of optical holography using the concept of information optics. With the increasing demand for metallic copper in many industries, the emergence and maturity of various processes, especially the molding process, and the improvement of other advanced technologies have greatly improved the cost of mass production and anti-counterfeiting performance, making it the preferred technology in packaging and other anti-counterfeiting fields at present

the above anti-counterfeiting technologies can be combined with anti-counterfeiting inks in one or more ways to produce anti-counterfeiting inks with higher anti-counterfeiting performance and low cost after the pre selection of the loading speed instigator, so as to serve higher and broader anti-counterfeiting products

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