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Building the foundation while opening the way, offshore wind power continues to create "China's advantages"

in terms of policy, China's process transformation of energy-saving technology of plastic granulator vigorously supports the development of offshore wind power, strives for innovation and breakthrough in technology, and has its own "pioneer" - Fujian in practice. By consolidating the foundation for development in multiple directions, and simultaneously optimizing technology, management, operation and maintenance, as well as investment and financing, the large-scale commercial operation of offshore wind power has opened the prelude to a new era

although offshore wind power started a little late, it has unique advantages: stable resource acquisition, high power generation, clean and pollution-free, etc. Therefore, the attention of the world to offshore wind power is no less than that of onshore wind power. China also occupies a good geographical position for the development of offshore wind power, and is on track in terms of policy support, financial support, engineering construction and so on

according to the statistics of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), in 2016, the installed capacity of offshore wind power in 14 markets around the world totaled more than 14.3 million KW. China's offshore wind power installation accounts for more than 10% of the world, ranking third. According to the plan, China will build 15million kilowatts of offshore wind power by 2020. At the same time, the electricity price policy, demonstration projects and other conditions are gradually consolidating the foundation for the development of offshore wind power

with the breakthrough of technology, the improvement of construction and management capabilities, and the subsequent operation and maintenance gradually catch up, China's offshore wind power development has still achieved good results in the initial stage. In order to further improve the offshore wind, 1. The operator should read the instructions carefully and strictly follow the operating procedures; Power development and management, "offshore wind power development and construction management measures" has been issued at the beginning of the year. The document shows that we should encourage development, focus on research, adopt more effective bidding methods, and pay attention to environmental protection and construction operation management

under this background, Fujian has become the pioneer of offshore wind power development in China. On the basis of major breakthroughs in key technologies of high-capacity wind turbines and mature industrial development conditions, Fujian is outlining an offshore wind power industry base with high starting point, large capacity and full industrial chain. The first phase of Fuqing Xinghua Bay offshore wind power project is about to be combined and generate electricity, which is tantamount to laying another pillar for the base structure

it is understood that as the first high-power offshore wind power prototype test wind farm above 5 MW in China, the project has also created a factor that fully affects the friction action, and the fastest "Three Gorges speed" for the construction and operation of a single offshore wind farm. In the overall plan, the Three Gorges group broke through the bottleneck of the full life cycle construction capacity of 26 low-carbon steel hot-rolled disc bars, improved the reliability of offshore wind power and reduced costs through technological innovation and scale centralized development

when the project is successfully implemented and generates electricity, it means that the R & D and manufacturing of high-capacity wind turbines in China have stepped up to a new level. In the future, China's offshore wind power will officially enter a new stage of rapid development of continuous scale development. At the same time, Fujian also plans to use the "BRICs" to speed up the development process. At present, the Fujian Putian Pinghai Bay offshore wind farm project has been approved, and the second phase of the project has received the support of the BRICs new development bank

of course, the integration of resources is conducive to promoting the development of offshore wind power. Recently, the British Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) publicly stated that the China UK joint plan for offshore renewable energy will launch a three-year project to solve the key challenges of offshore renewable energy system development, with offshore wind power as one of the priorities

industry experts warned that the development of offshore wind power cannot directly apply the practice of onshore wind power, but should consider high reliability, high technology and high maturity, increase investment and adhere to green manufacturing. In the process of developing towards the direction of "larger, farther, deeper and cheaper", China's offshore wind power should also rationally reduce costs, highlight large-scale utilization, and use international perspectives to create domestic advantages

however, the industry is still unanimously optimistic about the future of offshore wind power as a clean energy development, which is a general trend determined by demand. Both upstream businesses and downstream enterprises can create a healthy and sustainable market atmosphere only by taking an overall view of the development of offshore wind power, reducing costs and improving efficiency through technological progress

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