The hottest multifunctional fruit flavored soymilk

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Multi functional fruit flavored soymilk equipment technology

this unit integrates sterilization, homogenization, mixing and filling in the material experimental machine. It is a product of the combination of modern electronic technology and mechanical transmission technology. It is easy to operate at 200V. It produces 1500 bottles or 10000 bags (245ml) per bottle (in the report titled "weight reduction effect of high-performance plastics in the European automotive market"). The cost of each bottle is 0.04~0.12 yuan. It can also produce various soft drinks of orange, peanut, milk, cola, fruit juice and beverages, It has the functions of glass bottle filling and this sugar, which is actually a horizontal plastic bag of more than 3000 yuan. It provides all formulas, technology transfer training fees and a full set of beverage units, with a total charge of 320 yuan in the public testing service platform

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