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Multi wing innovation creates a mobile UAV airport for national electric power

by 2020, the length of 110kV and above overhead transmission lines of national electric power is expected to reach 1.29 million kilometers, which is a market with huge demand for line inspection

however, the serious problem is that the vacancy rate of the national front-line patrol personnel is as high as 48.5%. The way of using unmanned aerial vehicles for patrol inspection has begun to connect the power supply, but it has brought new challenges at the same time. At present, UAV patrol relies on well-trained pilots for remote control operation. This way of learning costs a lot, and there is also room for improvement in operation efficiency and accuracy

figure: transmission line

in order to overcome this formula, it is clear that if it is the challenge of screw torque fixation, at the end of 2017, China Jiangsu electric power company and Shenzhen Duoyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated in depth to jointly develop the world's first mobile UAV airport. At present, multi wing innovation has successfully delivered the airport to Guodian and put it into operation

figure: Mobile UAV Airport

mobile UAV airport is specially designed for overhead transmission line inspection scenarios, with ultra-high mobility. At the same time, the airport integrates RTK high-precision positioning system, automatic meteorological detection system, etc., which effectively ensures the operation under complex field conditions. However, the previous manufacturing equipment and technology are far from meeting today's needs, which makes the industry feasible

figure: application scenario

the airport supports four machines working at the same time, and can complete the fine inspection, photographing and data uploading of four towers in 20 minutes. The whole inspection process is fully automated without manual intervention

figure: four machine collaborative operation monitoring screen

figure: detailed patrol inspection operation and patrol photos

figure: rapid take-off and landing in the car

the customer said: "The operating efficiency and standardization of the mobile airport are impressive. By using the mobile airport, the daily inspection efficiency has been rapidly increased from 11 base/day to 60 base/day, and the full coverage of transmission lines originally planned to be once every three years will be shortened to one year, which is a major innovation and breakthrough in power operation and maintenance technology."

figure: Jiangsu provincial power maintenance company visited the operation site in person

it can be predicted that the mobile UAV airport has effectively solved the existing problems of overhead transmission line inspection, and this technology is bound to form a demonstration effect in the national power system

multi wing innovation, always standing with customers, is committed to providing products and solutions based on industrial UAV platform and artificial intelligence technology for major customers in the industry, helping customers improve production efficiency and remain invincible in the wave of new technology


Wang Yongsheng

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