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New nano coatings build environmental protection and health barriers

new nano coatings build environmental protection and health barriers

May 29, 2006

nano silver antibacterial interior wall coatings, nano composite multifunctional coatings and new multifunctional nano assembly inorganic antibacterial agents and their applications jointly developed by Jiangsu Chenguang Coatings Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute and Jiangsu Chenguang Nano Materials Technology Co., Ltd, Recently, it passed the expert appraisal organized by the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province. Experts believe that the success of the research and development of these three nano coating scientific and technological achievements adds an environmental protection and health barrier to the daily life of human dynamic load testing machines: including impact testing machines, fatigue testing machines and hardness testers with impact notch impact ≥ 10kj/m2, Brinell and shore hardness testers

according to the introduction, nano silver antibacterial interior wall coating uses nano metal silver as the antibacterial effective component, which solves the technical problems of nano metal silver such as easy agglomeration, oxidation and discoloration. The former generally uses ordinary speed regulation system, reaching the international advanced level. The product can effectively inhibit and kill harmful bacteria in the environment, decompose harmful gases, and reduce the harm of environmental microorganisms to human body. Nano composite multifunctional coating adopts the method of compounding nano silver and nano titanium dioxide to improve the photocatalytic activity of nano titanium dioxide and solve the technical bottleneck problem that its application is limited by ultraviolet light. This product has good antibacterial properties under near ultraviolet light, can effectively inhibit and kill harmful bacteria in the environment, and can degrade harmful gases in the air (such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other organic substances), with the function of purifying the air. The new multifunctional nano assembled inorganic antibacterial agent and its application take the food grade silicon dioxide with nano pores (particle size 1-2 microns) as the carrier, and assemble the antibacterial components such as silver, copper and zinc in the nano pores of the carrier to obtain the multifunctional inorganic antibacterial agent with outstanding characteristics. It has excellent antibacterial, mildew and algae resistance, no stimulation to the skin, and has good antibacterial durability, high temperature resistance and stability. It can be used as a special coating for drinking water Functional additives for health and safety products such as swimming pool special paint, food warehouse special paint and granary special paint

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