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Multi layer co extrusion stretch winding film is used for paper tray packaging

Jiangsu Wujin Banshang Dongfang plastic packaging factory has recently launched LLDPE multi-layer co extrusion stretch winding film and LD series winding film packaging machines. Its tensile winding film has high tensile strength, tear resistance, good retraction memory and unique self viscosity, which can tightly wrap the object into a whole and prevent scattering and collapse during transportation. The film has excellent transparency, which can make the packaging object waterproof, reduce labor, improve efficiency, and achieve the purpose of protecting products and reducing packaging costs

the film can be widely used for pallet packaging of bulk goods, such as paper, building materials, chemical raw materials, etc. At the same time, the factory has also developed LD series winding film packaging machine, which fills the domestic gap, and the quality can be comparable with foreign similar products that lead to the lagging development of China's graphite industry. Recently, the information center of the China Association for science and technology and the China Science and technology daily Research Association have listed this product as an excellent science and technology product in East China. The machine has been widely used in the packaging of paper, chemical, plastic and other industries, and is deeply welcomed by users

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