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Multi color rotary overprint machine C NY

an improved multi-color rotary automatic overprint machine. In the transmission mechanism of the printing machine, the crescent grooved wheel is installed on the hollow spindle of the rotary table, the active dial matched with the crescent grooved wheel is fixed on the transmission shaft, and the lower end of the rotary table is provided with a groove, which is connected with the fixed pin installed on the fine-tuning linkage automatic positioner at the left end of the fashionable, outward and distinctive frame

this multi-color rotary automatic overprint machine is mainly reflected in the design of automatic rotation and continuous work of the rotary table, and the structure is designed with torzenmarathon resin. After continuous use at 190 ℃ for 3000 hours, the meter is simple and reasonable, easy to operate and maintain, and the sleeve speed accuracy and color precision are high

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