Hang Seng will launch two AI chat robots

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Hang Seng will launch two AI chat robots

Hang Seng (011) fintech services. In the second half of the year, it will launch two AI Chatbot (chat robot) to promote credit card discounts and answer queries to customers. It also plans to introduce voiceprint authentication and fingerprint authentication to keep pace with the industry

it plans to introduce voiceprint authentication

Hang Seng will launch a credit card lifestyle Chatbot on the instant messaging platform in the second half of the year. Customers will analyze problems through text queries, and AI programs will analyze problems, so as to select shopping and catering concessions suitable for customers, and can directly Book tables for customers in restaurants and improve product environmental protection standards

another Chatbot is an intelligent service assistant, which will be launched on the bank's page for customers to inquire about general banking services and products, such as the coverage of travel insurance, foreign currency exchange rate, etc

Kwan Yingxian, head of iron filings and dirt removal in retail banking and wealth management business, pointed out that because Chatbot applies "another aspect of natural language processing" and "machine learning" technology, customers can recognize queries even if they are mixed in Chinese and English, or use spoken language. In addition, this year, the bank also plans to introduce voice print authentication into financial services and fingerprint authentication into mobile financial services. In the future, it will gradually introduce various financial technologies on different service platforms

although fintech helps reduce the number of queries handled by the banking center, Kwan Yingxian stressed that there is no layoff plan at present, and the center will deploy its staff to financial management and investment services to enhance the benefits to the bank

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