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The handover and closure of existing tower assets of operators

China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom jointly held a kick-off meeting with the tower company on the handover of existing tower related assets. The tower company acquired the existing tower assets of operators by issuing shares and paying cash. This marks the official start of the transfer of assets related to the stock tower

recently, the IT times learned that the handover of existing tower assets has entered the closing stage, which means that the tower company is about to complete the second step of the three-step strategy. The operation and maintenance of more than 1.5 million towers and 231.4 billion yuan of existing assets will soon be carried on the shoulders of the tower company, and will move towards the path of listing and mixed ownership reform

the higher the sharing rate, the greater the lease discount

when the handover of stock assets is over, it is natural to finalize the lease pricing scheme

as early as the early days of the establishment of the tower company, the discussion on how to make money for the tower company attracted much attention. Majihua, a senior Telecom analyst, proposed several possible charging modes: charging by tower, no matter how many users of the tower's base stations are used by the three operators, they will charge according to the same standard; Pay by volume, that is, according to the number of users within the tower coverage, operators who use more pay more, but it is difficult for tower companies to check the business volume of operators; Or mixed charging, charging by tower in dense areas covered by base stations such as cities, and charging by volume in remote areas. In addition, the tower company is responsible for the maintenance and management of the equipment, and the operator also has to pay a certain service fee

what kind of charging mode will the tower company adopt, with its products accounting for about 40% of the medical device Market (5% 0)? The iron tower company will not consider too high profit margin when pricing. After all, the iron tower company exists to save resources and construction costs. Now it seems that there should be two pricing schemes for existing towers and new towers. Meng Xiao (a pseudonym), an insider of the iron tower, told the IT times

"it times" learned from a provincial company of China's iron tower that the pricing scheme of the new iron tower has been basically determined. If only one operator uses a certain iron tower, the rental fee will be charged at 100% of the price; If there are two companies using the tower, each company will pay 0% of the rental fee according to the priced 8 tensile base plates: 6 pieces of metal plates with 70x70mm shape, 40x40mm inner hole and 6mm thickness; If three companies use it, each company will pay a rental fee of 70% of the price. Obviously, this is a win-win pricing scheme for operators and tower companies, with the purpose of stimulating sharing. The higher the sharing rate, the lower the rental cost that operators need to pay, and the higher the rental fee that tower companies receive

since the new iron towers are constructed by the iron tower company, and the input costs can be traced, the pricing scheme is relatively simple, and the focus of discussion is mainly on the later maintenance service charge

the pricing scheme of stock assets is not so simple, and it is still in the stage of multi-party negotiation. The valuation adopts the mode of single station accounting, but because the situation of each base station is different, the depreciation, site selection, field rent and other situations of equipment such as machine room and power are different, so that the valuation is very difficult

there will inevitably be games in the negotiation process, as Meng Xiao said: the transfer of stock assets is like an operator marrying a daughter. It is human nature to spend more time on the negotiation of gifts

the staff at the headquarters of the tower company also confirmed that the pricing scheme will definitely be officially implemented in December, because the tower rental cost must be included in the 2016 budgets of the three major operators

shouldering the pressure of stock operation and maintenance

in just one year, the iron tower company handed over a good report card. Through co construction and sharing, it saved more than 40 billion yuan of investment for the entire communication infrastructure construction

from January 1 this year, the three major operators will no longer build their own iron towers and indoor distribution systems in principle. By the end of September, the iron tower company had undertaken a total of 443000 new construction needs, and 317000 have been delivered, which can basically be delivered in time

with only 10000 people in the whole iron tower company, we have proved our ability to undertake new construction needs. When all the stock assets are handed over to us, the burden of operation and maintenance in the later stage will be heavier. Meng Xiao said

previously, the iron tower company signed the comprehensive service agreement with the three major operators, which stipulates that the operation and maintenance quality is based on the best standard of the three operators. Therefore, the iron tower company must update and transform after taking over to meet this standard. Liu Aili, chairman of the iron tower company, once said that it would cost billions of yuan to supplement and update the storage battery for the existing iron tower

on October 14, three operators announced the sale of existing tower assets, valued at 116.4 billion for China Mobile, 63.2 billion for China Unicom and 34.3 billion for Chinatelecom. It can be seen that the stock of tower resources of China Mobile exceeds that of China Unicom and Chinatelecom combined

China Mobile has the largest volume and is relatively cautious. The docking people of the three operators deal with the problem of asset handover with us every day, and sometimes there will be some differences in the understanding of the contract terms. An employee of iron tower provincial company told it times

it was originally planned to complete the delivery of all stock assets by the end of November, but according to the IT times, the progress of some provinces and cities is slow, and it will take about a week

many iron tower provincial companies said that the main reason for the delay in progress compared with the plan was not that the three operators were unwilling to cooperate, but that the number of assets was too large, and the key data of many older iron towers were missing

since this month, we have no weekends, and it is common for us to work overtime all night. An employee of the iron tower company said that the problem not only appeared in the key data, but also treated the stock assets and projects under construction differently (taking the inventory of stock assets at the end of March this year as the node, and the iron towers that began construction after that were classified as projects under construction)

water test cross-border resource integration is intended to reform mixed ownership

since its establishment, the iron tower company has focused on the inventory, valuation and receipt of existing assets of operators, and has not yet achieved profitability. As of June 30 this year, the net loss of China's iron towers was about 1.38 billion

in order to meet the needs of operation management and planned listing and mixed reform, the tower company introduced Guoxin holdings, and the equity structure of China Mobile, China Unicom and Chinatelecom changed from 40%, 30.1% and 29.9% to 38%, 28.1% and 27.9%. The positioning of Guoxin holdings is to cooperate with SASAC to optimize the layout structure of central enterprises and participate in the reform of listed and unlisted joint-stock systems of central enterprises, so it represents SASAC to a certain extent. The iron tower company said the move was mainly to promote equity diversification reform

at present, tower companies have not invested much energy in cross-border resource integration. During the Beijing International Telecommunication exhibition this year, vice premier Ma Kai revealed that the country was ready to hand over the task of popularizing charging piles to the iron tower company. However, the iron tower company said that the project of charging piles was still in the discussion stage

the most important task at the end of the year is to do a good job in the next three-year plan and tap the potential of stock assets, which may involve the overall layout of urban and rural planning and cross-border integration with charging piles, street lamps, meteorological monitoring and other industries. The staff of the tower company said that because operators have long planned for the new construction demand of towers this year, we can only passively follow the rhythm of operators and try to persuade them to share before the delivery of stock assets

according to the Shanghai iron tower company, they have begun to negotiate new energy cooperation with Chongming County. In order to protect the ecological environment of Chongming Island, the construction of iron towers in the future should be planned according to the requirements of environmental protection indicators. Our goal is to build the tower into a landscape, and then we will explore the development direction of new energy, such as wind power generation. Shanghai iron tower company said

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