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Hangzhou: missed the first ten-year golden period of integrated circuit development

on December 5, 2017, Hangzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission issued the "implementation opinions of Hangzhou on accelerating the development of integrated circuit industry" (Exposure Draft) "for public consultation with relevant units

in order to let you have a more comprehensive understanding of the development status of the integrated circuit industry in Hangzhou, the author will sort it out for you. Maybe you will understand why Hangzhou is so big after reading

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I. IC design industry: a unique talent

Hangzhou is one of the seven national integrated circuit industry design bases. After years of development, it has made some advantages in the field of integrated circuit design

according to the relevant data of the design branch of China Semiconductor Industry Association (ICCAD), Hangzhou integrated circuit design owners 6. The revenue of opening the laboratory business increased by 7.85% year-on-year in 2014, 2.73% year-on-year in 2015, 54.78% year-on-year in 2016, and 75.11% year-on-year in 2017, showing a rapid growth trend year by year. In 2017, the revenue of IC design industry ranked sixth after Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuxi and Xi'an, down one place from last year

according to the data of Zhejiang Semiconductor Industry Association, more than 85% of design enterprises and more than 95% of design business income are concentrated in Hangzhou

in the 2017 "China core" selection, Hangzhou enterprises have made remarkable achievements. Four products of Hangzhou companies were selected. The gx6605s of Hangzhou Guoxin won the best market performance award, the six axis sensor sc7120 of Shilan micro and the mas090x of Lianyun technology won the most potential award, and the as578 of Shengyuan won the safe product reliability award

at present, Hangzhou has sophisticated core technologies in many sub sectors, and its technical level in the fields of embedded CPU, EDA tools, microwave and millimeter wave RF integrated circuits, digital audio and video, digital television, solid-state storage (solid-state disk controller), computer interface controller (including disk array and bridge chip), LED chips and optoelectronic integrated circuits is in the leading position in China, and some of them are even at the international advanced level, It has entered the international mainstream market

Hangzhou Zhongtian microsystems Co., Ltd. is the only 32-bit embedded CPU supplier with independent intellectual property rights in China. Its products are landmark achievements in the field of domestic CPU listed in the National Nuclear high-tech major project. Its technical level is leading in China, and some indicators have reached the international advanced level. It has won the second prize of the national scientific and technological progress award. Zhongtian can stretch, shear, compress, zigzag and various high and low temperature experiments according to astm/gb/iso/jis/din and other standards. The micro system has a CPU technology development roadmap for various embedded application scenarios. At present, it has developed seven embedded CPUs covering high, medium and low embedded applications, which are widely used in IOT intelligent hardware, digital audio and video, information security, network and communication, industrial control, automotive electronics and other fields, It has become the only CPU supplier in China to develop embedded CPU based on independent instruction architecture and achieve mass production. There are more than 60 authorized users of c-sky Series CPU cores, which are widely used in many embedded fields, such as financial IC cards, digital audio and video, information security, industrial control, security monitoring and wireless communication. At present, the sales of SOC chips based on Zhongtian architecture exceed 500million

Hangzhou Guangli Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that provides intelligent test chip system and one-stop technical service system to improve yield and process stability for semiconductor manufacturing and design industry. Through independent research and development, the company has developed a set of world-class intelligent test chip systems including high-efficiency layout generation automation software, fast intelligent tester semitronix tester, intelligent data analysis software dataexp and virtualyield. The company's efficient and reliable one-stop technical service helps semiconductor manufacturers and designers improve the performance, yield and production efficiency of chips in the process of process research and development, production or design, creating good economic benefits for customers. The company's products have been highly praised by world-renowned wafer foundry companies and IDM companies

Hangzhou Shilan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is an integrated chip design and wafer manufacturing enterprise (IDM), which has been ranked among the top ten IC design companies in China for many years, ranking seventh in 2016. Starting from scratch, Shilan microelectronics has found a successful way for Chinese private enterprises to participate in the integrated circuit industry. Since its establishment for more than ten years, the company has made continuous efforts to build the largest integrated circuit industry development mode integrating design and manufacturing in China, focusing its own production line process on the characteristic process. Based on the characteristic process, the company has made progress in many technology and product fields such as power drive, semiconductor power devices and modules, MCU, audio and video SOC, MEMS sensors, LED chips, and designed a number of products widely used in mobile communications, IOT Intelligent control chips in important fields of information economy such as automotive electronics and intelligent hardware, as well as energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end equipment and other fields

siliger products are mainly high-performance analog power ICs. Silijie's power IC products all have their own IP. With the patented bc2d technology, the efficiency can be higher. It is committed to providing industry-leading cost-effective solutions. The company has formed a close cooperative relationship with TSMC (wafer foundry) and Changdian Technology (packaging and testing) to ensure the performance and consistency of products from the root. It has acquired Maxim's smart meter and energy monitoring business unit and NXP's LED lighting business unit

Zhongke Microelectronics Co., Ltd. has a high-level talent team for integrated circuit digital, analog chips and algorithm design. The main products of the company are Beidou navigation and positioning chips, navigation modules, timing modules, stepping motor drive chips, and analog security chips

Hangzhou Guoxin Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on chip design and system solution development in the fields of digital television, home multimedia and artificial intelligence. The digital TV chip products developed by the company have spread all over the world, and it is one of the world's leading set-top box chip suppliers. At the same time, the company is deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence, taking the lead in launching the artificial intelligence chip for IOT, and has independently developed core technologies such as neural network processor, instruction set and compiler

Hualan microelectronics is specialized in the research of core technologies of data storage and information security, providing integrated circuit chips and technical solutions in the field of data storage and information security, accumulating and mastering IEEE 1394, sd/mmc/emmc, USB, ide/sata, PCIe and other high-speed interface technologies, and establishing multiple advanced architectures such as solid-state disk multi-core parallel and module array, It is one of the few companies with solid state disk core chip industrialization technology in the world; The company's products in the storage field cover memory cards, USB disks, solid state disk series; It also provides chip level security protection for China's information security field. It is one of the few domestic companies with information security algorithm chip technology. The company has accumulated mature hardware algorithm modules that have been verified by the market, including internationally popular AES, RSA, des/3des, Sha, ECC, etc., as well as Chinese commercial secret algorithms SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4. The company landed on the new third board in 2015

Wan Gao is a factory free semiconductor enterprise that develops special chips for intelligent electric power IOT. After years of accumulation, it has accumulated more than 60 patents in low-power and high-precision analog circuit design, MCU design, measurement algorithm, low-power SoC system design and high reliability design. It has successively launched PLC chips supporting narrow-band FSK, power drive chips with driving capacity up to 2a/4a The products of narrow-band OFDM PLC chip certified by G3 alliance, broadband OFDM PLC chip compatible with narrow-band band and long-distance sub GHz RF chip based on spread spectrum technology have been expanded from smart meter chip products to the whole power IOT chip products

Hangzhou Shengyuan focuses on fingerprint identification, mobile device fingerprint security, wearable security platform, QR code identification, encryption and decryption technology, network security system, and the company covers algorithm research, IP development, IC design, scheme implementation, security system integration and other businesses. As the only company in China that can provide biometric chips, data encryption and decryption chips and general 32-bit MCU at the same time, it has actively innovated the cross application of various technologies, created the world's first biometric and information security dual core chip, and took the lead in obtaining the commercial password product type certificate and the International FIPS certification that the output of cathode materials of more than 10 enterprises in China exceeds 10000 tons

Lianyun technology is committed to the development of master chip platforms for consumer, enterprise computing and other storage products. Adhering to the continuous strength of technology and product innovation, it has taken the lead in realizing the first 40 nanometer solid state disk (SSD) master chip in China, NAND particle self adaptation, high-performance LDPC error correction technology and SSD solid state disk solutions with high performance, high stability and low power consumption. The company integrates NAND flash memory control, signal processing The professional R & D ability of integrated circuit design technology and software development provides a full set of products based on solid-state storage, high integration master chips, hardware, firmware and application software, and mass production tools for customers at home and abroad

Chengchang technology is committed to providing customers with a complete set of solutions for microwave and millimeter wave RF chips, and its RF circuits have played an important role in many national major tasks

This paper comprehensively introduces the innovative solutions in the field of high molecular materials.

zhenradium microwave focuses on the research and development of RF front-end chips and modules. The company's product direction mainly includes two types of products: RF front-end cover, high integration tr components and modules used in terminals, among which RF front-end cover includes power amplifier, low-noise amplifier, switch and front-end module. High density packaging components mainly include RF and microwave band transmitter, receiver, transceiver components, switch matrix and other functional modules

Hangzhou Chengxin focuses on the development of RF transceiver chips, focusing on the technology development of high-performance general-purpose digital analog hybrid RF transceiver chips. The company's product direction mainly includes three types of products: Broadband multimode communication RF transceiver chip of RF software radio technology, phased array RF transceiver chip and multimode navigation RF receiver chip

Zhejiang hangxinyuan is committed to the research and development of high-performance, high reliability and power supply chips. The company's products are widely used in power distribution, thermal control, load, analog and digital chip power supply and other fields

of course, Hangzhou also has an emerging AI chip company, Jianan Yunzhi, which focuses on Intelligent chips and neuron supercomputing KPU chips. Its ASIC chips are mainly Avalon miner series mining machines (blockchain Computing)

more design companies... Don't name them one by one

II. Wafer manufacturing: focus on characteristic processes

Hangzhou special process manufacturing and the integration of three or five family integrated circuit design and manufacturing have strong advantages and comprehensive competitiveness in the country

seven inch wafer manufacturing lines have been put into operation in Hangzhou, all of which belong to special manufacturing processes and three or five family manufacturing processes, and are distributed in enterprises such as Shilan integration, Shilan Jixin, Leon micro, Leon Dongxin, and Xifeng semiconductor

with a 5-inch and a 6-inch wafer manufacturing line, Shilan integrated has formed a special process manufacturing platform with characteristics after years of development: high voltage BCD process platform, slot gate IGBT process platform, ultra-thin chip process platform, MEMS sensor process platform, with a monthly production capacity of more than 200000 chips

8 of Shilan Jixin

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