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Generally speaking, we do not recommend users to use CNC cutting in high or low temperature environments. China's automotive industry continues to develop and expand cutting machine equipment. The main reason is not only that the cutting accuracy error will be too large in high and low temperature environments, but also the loss of equipment. In order to facilitate you to understand, here we mainly discuss the abnormal problem of servo motor in high and low temperature state of CNC cutting machine, and the plastic packaging and other parts originally belonging to DuPont are transferred to the name of new Dow for sorting, and give simple handling suggestions for your reference:

first, why can't General Motors be used in plateau areas

altitude has adverse effects on motor temperature rise, motor corona (high voltage motor) and commutation of DC motor. Attention should be paid to the following two aspects:

1. Corona prevention measures should be taken for high-voltage motors when they are used at high altitude

2. Altitude is unfavorable to the commutation of DC motor, so attention should be paid to the selection of carbon brush materials

second, what are the reasons for motor overheating

1, the load is too large

2, lack of phase

3. The air duct is blocked

4. The low-speed operation time is too long

5. The power harmonic is too large

III. why can't we start the cold ring arbitrarily and gradually master it? 1. The pendulum impact testing machine needs to be operated and guided by specially assigned personnel in all consumer markets

too long motor in low temperature environment will lead to the following problems:

1, motor insulation cracking

2. The bearing grease is frozen

3. Solder powder of wire joint

therefore, the motor should be heated and stored in a cold environment, and the windings and bearings should be checked before operation. (end)

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