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Hangzhou hengcun creates a dream factory for the knitting industry

recently, Hangzhou Tonglu hengcun town was selected as the "demonstration area for the transformation and upgrading of Hangzhou's first batch of block industries to modern industrial clusters", which is another honor after winning the title of "China's export sweater manufacturing base" last year

from the early 1980s to the present, after nearly 30 years of development, hengcun town has formed a modern textile industry cluster, mainly silk knitting series products and knitting "small three piece" products, integrating wool spinning, dyeing and finishing, weaving and printing. One honor after another also marks that hengcun town is gradually transforming from a traditional massive economic industry to a modern industrial cluster. Now hengcun knitting enterprises have adopted a large number of computerized flat knitting machines, which not only greatly improves the labor efficiency and product quality, but also lays a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry. During this period, many knitting enterprises paid more attention to the cultivation of their own brands and continuously enhanced the competitiveness of their products in addition to maintaining profitable processing and export business. Up to now, the knitting enterprises in hengcun town have owned more than 20 independent brands such as "Milano gull", "xinmengyuan" and "shaliang", and their pace of opening brand stores across the country is also getting bigger and faster, thus embarking on the road of expanding the scope of use of products from "processing and manufacturing" to "independent creation", realizing the dual wheel drive of export and domestic sales

at present, hengcun town has more than 1000 knitting enterprises. Since 2010, hengcun town has made efforts to explore and establish new industrial and agricultural relations, promote the development of modern industry in urban and rural areas, and actively enhance and expand the "functional" area of knitting industry. It is understood that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, hengcun town will invest 1.5 billion yuan to implement the capacity expansion and quality improvement project of the knitwear industrial functional zone, focus on the introduction of large items of knitted clothing with high bonding strength, guide enterprises to carry out advanced technological transformation, product structure adjustment and brand construction, and further promote the concentration of the knitting industry in the town to the functional zone. In terms of upgrading the knitting industry, we should further improve the subsidy policy for technological transformation, promote enterprises to increase investment in technological transformation, extend the industrial chain, and expand and strengthen the industry. Since this year, the town has invested 139 million yuan in technological transformation, with a year-on-year increase of 15%. The advantages of the knitwear industry cluster are becoming increasingly prominent

not only that, in order to speed up the implementation of brand strategy and improve the overall competitiveness of hengcun knitting industry, the town Party committee and government further explore effective ways to create regional industry brands on the basis of encouraging enterprises to create their own brands. At present, under the guidance of the town Party committee and government, leading enterprises in the industry have taken the lead to establish relevant organizations, and a regional brand of hengcun knitting industry with local characteristics and cultural background is about to emerge. At that time, some local small and medium-sized enterprises that originally did not have their own brands, or have brands but have no influence at all, can use this collective "business card" to break into the market and expand sales. At the same time, the establishment of regional brands will directly drive the improvement of local enterprises' ability of brand creation, R & D and design, and product upgrading, so that hengcun knitted products can seize a larger market share with stronger competitiveness, and further accelerate the development of regional block economy to modern industrial clusters

at present, the hengcun professional knitwear trading market with a total planned land area of 100000 square meters and 160 degrees meters and the first batch of 40000 square meters is also under intense construction. It strives to complete the first phase of the project by the end of this year, and strives to drive the domestic sales and brand construction of the knitting industry through market construction, so as to really deepen and thoroughly the transformation and upgrading of the traditional knitting industry, and make Tonglu hengcun knitting industry a new model for the magnificent turn of the traditional industry

in the next few years, the knitting industry in hengcun town will form a complete industrial chain of production, sales and logistics, drive more farmers to "dig for gold" in the knitting industry, and strive to build a veritable "dream factory" of China's knitting industry

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