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Hangzhou promotes the transformation and innovation of photovoltaic industry

at present, China's photovoltaic industry is facing a situation of frequent international trade frictions. The United States has twice launched anti-dumping and countervailing investigations against China's photovoltaic industry (hereinafter referred to as "double anti"), the EU photovoltaic double anti ended with price commitments, and has successively launched anti-dumping, countervailing and anti absorption investigations against China's photovoltaic glass. India's anti-dumping investigation was concluded without taxation, Australia's anti-dumping investigation was suspended because it did not constitute injury, and Canada began to launch double anti-dumping against China On November 8th, 2011, the United States successfully organized 20 enterprises in the province to respond collectively to the anti photovoltaic case against China, and all of them obtained the final average tax rate. As a foreign trade early warning demonstration point of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Solar Photovoltaic Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "the association") plays an increasingly important role in dealing with international trade frictions in the photovoltaic industry in Zhejiang Province

under the leadership of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce and Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce, Hangzhou solar photovoltaic industry association has formed a working mode of actively and effectively organizing the enterprises involved in the case to respond collectively. In each case, the association can do the work in the front. While doing the comprehensive investigation of the enterprises involved, it carries out the industry background investigation, case 1, the applicant investigation of the introduction of Jinan gold assay burst resistance testing machine instrument, the investigation of the nature of the case and the response situation, and makes full preparations for the case. When the case is raised, the association can release the question and answer of the case ahead of time, carry out special response training and organize the collective response of enterprises, which improves the timeliness and efficiency. Through close cooperation with relevant government departments, industry organizations, law firms, domestic and foreign cooperation channels, the joint efforts of the government, associations, enterprises and law firms have been formed, which has strengthened the response ability of the enterprises involved (especially small and medium-sized enterprises) and greatly enhanced the response effect of the case

the reason why Hangzhou solar photovoltaic industry association can calmly deal with every double anti-dumping case is inseparable from the information early warning work they have been doing. The association has full-time information specialists who are fully responsible for information services. "Zhejiang photovoltaic industry fair trade warning" and "Hangzhou photovoltaic" have become an information platform with national influence; Through groups, short message platforms, information briefings, industry export analysis reports and other ways, the association comprehensively and stereoscopically pushed the work dynamics of early warning points and the latest market dynamics, industry dynamics, case dynamics, technology dynamics, policy dynamics, exchange rate changes, early warning knowledge and other information to photovoltaic enterprises in the Province and even the country in a timely and effective manner, laying a solid foundation for successfully dealing with each case

According to Dr. zhaoyonghong, Secretary General of Hangzhou solar photovoltaic industry association, the fundamental reason for the current high incidence of international trade frictions is the deterioration of the international economic situation, overcapacity caused by the contraction of overseas markets, and vicious competition in the industry. The era of enterprises relying on simple OEM to make huge profits has ended, and transformation and innovation has become the best way for enterprises. Therefore, while providing early warning information services and helping member enterprises successfully deal with cases, the association also pays attention to guiding member enterprises to work hard in innovation and transformation, and fundamentally get rid of the dilemma of frequent double counter cases, so every face can only form a part once. The association advocates "differentiated collaborative innovation" of enterprises, which is mainly reflected in market segment innovation, including technological innovation, product innovation, project innovation, service innovation, financial innovation, mode innovation and other aspects. It advocates enterprises to take the road of characteristic development, and actively seek and publicize good practices of good enterprises, good products, good projects and good practices

since its official establishment on April 28, 2010, the scale of member units of Hangzhou solar photovoltaic industry association has increased rapidly. These units cover all links of the industrial chain and form the backbone of the development of Hangzhou photovoltaic industry. At present, the members of the association have extended from Hangzhou to the whole Zhejiang Province, including Zhejiang time back to 2008, Chint solar, foster (603806, Guba) photovoltaic materials, Shuqimeng photovoltaic, sonny energy, universal photovoltaic, etc. have been the "loyal fans" of the association, and even a number of national leading photovoltaic enterprises outside Zhejiang Province have actively contacted the Hangzhou Association and joined the association as members. The association "bases itself on Hangzhou, radiates the whole province and faces the whole country". When encountering the case of double anti, it has suggestions, attitudes and ideas for enterprises and relevant government departments, and will play a more important role in the development of photovoltaic industry in the future

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