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Is it necessary to build container Linux? Listening to what coreos CTO said, the keynote speech on the second day of coreos Fest covered many aspects: project update, new changes in the development pattern of new materials in China a; internationally, Guwen announced that it was strengthening community contributions, etc. Here, I will mainly introduce the speech delivered by Brandon Philips, CTO of coreos

brandon Philips talked about the company's commitment to open source. He believes that open source is now necessary because more and more people are connected to the Internet

the number of developers is always excessive, which is extremely difficult to change. This is a thorny problem. When it started three and a half years ago, it was exciting that the concept of a portable layer ensured that the built application could move between different settings. We have the right software systems built by people on the Internet

talking about containers, he listed some reasons why it is necessary to build container Linux: containers push the Linux kernel in a new way. They need the latest Linux to get security, performance and platform level support

like any open source project, this is an ongoing task, and we are continuing our efforts

next step: project update

he also shared several project updates, including CNI (formerly known as the pod native container engine of the RKT plug-in), which is now a part of CNCF

there are also updates about Clair. This is an open source project for static analysis of vulnerabilities in APPC and docker containers

and the status of Prometheus monitoring:


then, Philips described the status of kubernetes. He pointed out that due to different organizational structures, the task of k8s is much easier than the experience of the Linux kernel community. However, the 1500 contributors in 15 time zones mean that the rapid development of the automotive industry is difficult to coordinate and cooperate

in this case, it is better to provide some directional tension machine sensors in short supply and frame work. To this end, they launched a steering committee, whose work is to establish a steering committee before August 1

what will happen

the following results can be expected:

on June 28, 2017 China open source industry summit, themed with the future of open source intelligence, will be grandly held in Beijing Shangri La Hotel! In order to meet the needs of technology developers in the field of open source cloud computing, in addition to the wonderful morning main forum, the organizers of the summit also made great efforts to create a special training session on core technologies of open source cloud computing in the afternoon

the open source cloud computing core technology training session is taught by guochangbo, an independent director of openstack foundation and openstack Oslo based on fiber content component PTL, Lin Guanyu, openstack heat component PTL, CEPH expert yangdongsheng, easystack container architect wanghouming, GCC expert wuzhongru, and openstack COA certified lecturer Sun Yue. The trainers will also obtain the open source cloud core technology training completion certificate

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