Is China's water-saving irrigation equipment heavi

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Is China's water-saving irrigation equipment heavily dependent on foreign countries

on August 21, the expert forum on external dependence analysis, research and judgment of China's agricultural machinery equipment and water-saving irrigation equipment was held at the China Academy of water saving agriculture in arid areas of Northwest University of agriculture and forestry science and technology. President wupute attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting was chaired by professor yangfuzheng of the College of mechanical and electrical engineering

wupute pointed out in his speech that China's agriculture will have three characteristics in the future: first, agriculture will no longer be simply the primary industry, but the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries; Second, the development model is diversified; Third, improve the quality of farmers. He stressed that we should comply with the future direction of China's agricultural development, carefully analyze the root causes and current situation of the problem of technology dependence, and fully realize that key technologies cannot be bought, replaced or introduced. To change the current situation, we must rely on self-reliance and hard work. We should strengthen the linkage between universities and enterprises, jointly tackle key problems in the face of key problems, and completely change the disconnection between scientific research and production practice

Zhang Junjie introduced the background of the Forum on behalf of the Scientific Research Institute of the University. Professor yangfuzheng and Professor zhudelan introduced the early research results and relevant research foundation of the university respectively. The experts present at the meeting expressed their views and fully discussed the current situation, causes and Countermeasures of China's dependence on foreign agricultural machinery and water-saving irrigation equipment. We have seen that China's current agricultural modernization is accelerating, a large number of agricultural labor forces are shifting, and the requirements for the technology and quality of agricultural machinery and equipment are constantly improving. Although China's agricultural machinery and equipment has made some achievements in major key technology innovation, technology promotion and application, but the basic research is insufficient, the core components and high-end products still rely on imports, and the corresponding agricultural circuits are complex, and the production and industrial safety are facing challenges. We should improve our own manufacturing capability by changing the scientific and technological organization mode, matching relevant technologies and markets, improving core manufacturing capabilities, and strengthening talent training and support, so as to get rid of the situation of heavy dependence on foreign countries

professor songzhenghe, Secretary of the Party committee of the Engineering School of China Agricultural University, libaoyun, chairman of Xi'an Yuanjing Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., xuronghui, chairman of Yangling runwo water saving irrigation equipment Co., Ltd., liqingli, general manager of Jiangsu Tianshui irrigation and drainage equipment Co., Ltd., Wang Jian, general manager of Xi'an Demeter Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd Vice president of Anhui airide Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. you can see that there is one inertia value manager mengfancheng, the strategic director of LOVOL Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Tian Dayong, the senior engineer of China YITUO Group Co., Ltd., and more than 40 expert leaders and graduate student representatives from the school of water construction, the School of machinery and electricity, the Institute of soil and water conservation and the Scientific Research Institute of our university

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