Is Ge suffering from big enterprise disease

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Is Ge suffering from "big business disease"

even if your company is as good as GE and as strong as GE, you should also be aware of the emergence of big enterprise disease

Wujun paced up and down the living room anxiously, and his mood was always difficult to calm down. He's waiting for GE personnel. For him, this is of great significance and will determine whether his future career advancement channel is unblocked. Not long ago, he just had an interview with Ge, and the relevant person in charge asked him to go home. But nearly three weeks later, there was no information about whether he was hired or not. To be successful or not is a question! Wujun seemed angry

Wujun used to work in another foreign-funded enterprise, engaged in product installation and maintenance. He worked in this industry for many years. He felt that there was no way out for him to be a maintenance engineer all the time. Not only can we not learn new things in our daily work, but also the space to rise is very narrow. Therefore, when the headhunting company of Ge called him and explained to him that GE would recruit excellent technical engineers to work in the quality department of fuel vehicles in many countries, Wu Jun felt a bright spot. On the one hand, he has long been interested in Ge, a famous Fortune 500 company. On the other hand, he thinks that this new field may allow him to jump out of the stereotype of the original work content

so he called GE's personnel department with interest. Before typing this, he also spent a week consolidating his English. However, GE's attitude was not as enthusiastic as he was. The HR Department of Ge told him that due to the business trip of relevant people, the interview would need to wait for a while. Although Wu Jun was a little frustrated, he turned to think that for GE, which has a wide range of businesses, time may really be as precious as gold. However, a few days later, when he called the HR Department of Ge again to ask about the interview, his interview was postponed to ten days later. This made Wu Jun a little confused. Since it was the headhunter of Ge who found himself, it shows that GE is still a bit thirsty for talents for this position. Even if Ge is not eager, it should pay enough attention to it. But why does the HR Department of Ge procrastinate? Have they found the right candidate? Wujun's heart was filled with anxiety

although Wu Jun is not as determined as before about whether he can successfully transform through this opportunity, when the interview day comes, he still carefully takes care of his clothes and arrives at the interview place half an hour in advance

sitting on the sofa at the front desk of Ge, Wu Jun looked at the company that many job seekers dreamed of, and the haze in his heart was swept away. Because he saw many intimate elements there: a medicine box hung on the wall, which said: if you feel unwell, please choose XX treatment method; There is a large sticker next to the medicine box, which says: if you have any needs, please call XX, under which a lot of relevant personnel are listed in detail. Indeed, it is a large company. It can be so incisive in such details that are easy to be ignored. Its management must be standardized and efficient. Wujun thought happily in his heart

however, Ge made Wu Jun sit on the bench again. Wujun, who arrived in advance, waited for nearly an hour before the personnel department of Ge returned to the company after lunch and began to organize an interview with Wujun. Don't all foreign companies start work at one o'clock? Why didn't they return to the company until halfpastone? Wujun murmured in his heart

the first round of interview was completed by the person in charge of the personnel department and the quality department. The questions asked were nothing more than some conventional questions about GE's understanding, work experience, salary requirements and so on. Wu Jun was as relaxed as a stream of clouds and water. He even felt that his English, which he had spent a week consolidating, was of no use here. For Wujun, a senior maintenance service personnel, he is more looking forward to showing his talent and enthusiasm on issues related to technology. However, the second round of interview conducted by the personnel of Ge project department did not give him such an opportunity

this round of interview greatly reduced GE's brilliant image in Wu Jun's mind. The person in charge received him casually. In Wu Jun's opinion, the questions he raised were applicable to fresh graduates without work experience. What was your first job? What have you learned? Wujun, who has always been bad at using words and sentences, has filled up his resume again. However, the second question that followed was: what was your second job? What have you learned? Wujun feels a little helpless. Although he has explained this problem in detail to the head of the human resources department, he still needs to repeat it. What makes Wu Jun most depressed is that this round of interview closely related to work ability did not raise a question related to technology. He was also deeply upset by the interviewer's commanding manner and his discourse style of pulling out a few English words from time to time

if Wu Jun was a little pleased with the interview process of Ge, it was the conversation between the person in charge of directly managing the engineering project and him. In Wujun's view, the operational factors that affect the impact strength: come on, the person in charge has a deep understanding of the technical characteristics and the skills of communicating with customers, and the questions he raised can also relate to the nature of the product, so that Wujun can speak freely. This round of interview sparked another spark for Wujun's entry into Ge, especially when the person in charge personally sent him into the elevator and pressed the button for him. After returning, he began the process of repeatedly asking the personnel department of Ge. However, his inquiry was either not answered or we were still considering such an ambiguous answer. A month later, Wujun, who still didn't get an accurate reply from GE, completely gave up his heart and picked up his suitcase to continue his business trip, in order to recover the time loss caused by the interview with GE

as for the experience of this failure, Wu Jun did not think that his ability and on-site play were the problem. He heard privately that the Ge human resources personnel responsible for receiving him were planning to leave; However, the field managed by the interviewer who is perfunctory to himself is not directly related to the position he is interviewing for. This interview made Wu Jun feel that GE's management efficiency was not as excellent as the outside world imagined, and the cooperation between various departments was also unsatisfactory

ge is well known for its huge size. After Welch's reform, it has become a model textbook for many management consulting companies to deal with large enterprise diseases by effectively integrating internal resources and giving full play to its scale advantages. However, when the enterprise is large, the boundary between departments becomes obvious and the interests are complex. Although this interview is only one side, it reveals that the tacit understanding between the three functional departments of Ge is not satisfactory. Not all employees in Ge are excellent, let alone maintain excellent working conditions. The management problems thus exposed make a Ge interview like a long-distance race. Even if the general company interview is not hired, it will notify the other party within a limited time. In fact, the local fracture and damage of GE's tardy metal wire does not mean that the ultimate failure and low efficiency of all components should confirm that GE has the possibility of suffering from big enterprise disease in China

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