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The "Iron Lady" on the coating line is a little quiet compared with the processing and manufacturing workshop. They may wave the spray gun to put a bright coat on each product; Or hold a flashlight and carefully look for defects in spraying... Everyone is particularly focused on their work, just like making handicrafts. Due to the operating environment, the coating workers need to be fully armed from head to toe. Their protective clothing and helmets are often covered and covered with sprayed fog paint. The mottled figure is the most true portrayal of the coating workers. In the painting workshop, the workers use their own skillful hands to dance up and down and keep improving to ensure the operation quality of each process

coating line

hydraulic cylinder skin care depends on the coating line

after graduating from the University, jiangzhongting has obtained the intermediate technician qualification certificate. Once the company's painting line was established in 2007, jiangzhongting joined as one of the first batch of employees. With a solid foundation and hard work, he quickly grew into the business backbone of the painting line and won the first place in the skill competition in 2010

when the vibration frequency of the excitation system is equal to the natural frequency of the system itself, lean focus

with a solid foundation and hard study, it has grown into a backbone of skills

"to complete the coating of an oil cylinder, it needs to go through multiple processes such as cleaning, shielding, polishing and spraying, and the quality of each process will affect the paint quality of the product appearance." Jiang Zhongting introduced while waving the spray gun in his hand. His eyes showed seriousness and concentration. Jiang Zhongting understood the craftsman spirit very well. "No matter how long you are engaged in this industry and how experienced you are, you still shoulder it as always. You need to work hard to do a good job in painting." Jiang Zhongting is a person who is strict with herself. She takes being realistic and efficient as her motto, and always reminds herself in her work: "the market competition is very fierce now. Customers' requirements for product quality first depend on the appearance, which has higher and higher requirements for the work of our coating workers. This requires continuous learning and mastering new technologies, so that the products can always stand in the front of the industry."

be realistic and efficient

in her eyes, once the work is done, she must be responsible for the products on her opponent

therefore, jiangzhongting always explores the coating process in practice. Generally, the force measuring sensor adopts the hydraulic pressure sensor. In view of the common dripping and missing spray phenomena in the oil cylinder spraying process, she has summarized a set of her own "secrets", and has made a lot of research on the speed of the hand-held spray gun and the distance between the spray gun and the object in recent years. She also seized every opportunity to give advice to the employees in the painting workshop. In her opinion, it is also her to pass on her experience to every employee. In her words, "it is really good that everyone is good!"

the "Iron Lady" on the painting line

"no one else is skilled in skills, but only hands"

jiangzhongting, who won the first place in the painting competition and was honored as a women's civilized post, has always given people the impression of being low-key and modest and doing things steadily. She said, "painting is a very professional field of cooperation with Russia to promote heavy helicopters. Whether the product is sprayed well or not will affect not only the appearance, but also the image of the enterprise." It is with this kind of heart that jiangzhongting has always been meticulous about painting work, writing extraordinary stories in ordinary posts, and setting a model and learning model for enterprise employees

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