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Iron and steel industry: the demand for iron ore is increasing day by day

in China's iron ore supply, the proportion of imported ore from abroad has exceeded 50%, of which about 60% is provided by three mining giants such as Rio Tinto mining company, BHP Billiton iron ore company and vale. When the domestic market price falls back, the three international mining giants are likely to adjust the supply of high-quality iron ore in the market by using more than 100000 times, so as to maintain the market in a slight state of short supply. At present, the international iron ore trade has shown a typical oligarchy

some industry researchers said: "In terms of the natural abundance of iron ore resources identified in China, the average grade is only 31-32%, 11 percentage points lower than the world average level. More than 97% of them are poor ores that are difficult to be used directly, and it is difficult to mine. China's iron ore reserves in 2002 were 57.872 billion tons, accounting for only 18.67% of the world's total, but China's iron and steel output has accounted for more than 30% of the world's total. It can be seen that China's iron ore resources are still in an important period of strategic opportunity for development In terms of total amount and quality, it is relatively insufficient to support the rapid development of the huge domestic iron and steel industry alone. "

on the other hand, the rapid development of xinlanhai Jinfa iron industry, in which steel can purchase multiple sets of equipment for agricultural product packaging, cold chain packaging and intelligence can produce packaging at the same time, has driven the vigorous demand for iron ore, and the market price has soared, which has prompted a large number of domestic capital to enter the iron ore mining industry in recent years, and China's iron ore supply has increased rapidly. Iron ore is a non renewable mineral resource. Although the new production capacity has increased greatly under the stimulation of huge profits, at the same time, many mines are also drying up under the heavy consumption of the iron and steel industry. Under the influence of such factors as the relative shortage of overall resources, the continuous growth of downstream demand, the appropriate fall in ore prices, and the high mining costs, the domestic iron ore supply will remain in a moderate state of short supply, and the insufficient part will be supplemented by foreign ores

therefore, under the constraints of relatively insufficient domestic supply and monopoly control of foreign supply, the domestic iron ore market is still in a state of short supply for the foreseeable time, and the iron ore resources are still facing the attention of the market

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