Irkutsk, the hottest region in Russia, will cooper

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Irkutsk, Russia, will jointly build a large data center with Huawei news on November 28: the governor of Irkutsk, Russia, yeloshenko, met with the company in Beijing on November 27 and maintained close and stable cooperative relations with many well-known domestic colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. It is shown that Irkutsk will implement the development route formulated by the Russian government and carry out cooperation with China in various fields. At present, the projects involved include petrochemical industry, wood processing, agriculture, education and other fields. Yeloshenko also disclosed that the two sides will also expand cooperation in the information field. Irkutsk Prefecture and China Huawei Group will jointly establish large data centers covering Siberia and the Far East

the Russian ambassador to China Denisov and the representative of the Russian commercial representative office in China gruzjeff, who accompanied yeloshenko to the meeting, said that Irkutsk, as a local government actively participating in Sino Russian trade, has made a series of major cooperation projects with China. According to the statistics of the Russian business representative office in China, as long as it is a machinery representative office, more than 60 representatives of Chinese companies took part in the earlier Promotion Conference on the economic, trade and investment potential of Irkutsk Prefecture. It is estimated that by 2020, Russia will attract Chinese investment of 12billion US dollars, and Irkutsk will actively participate in it

A delegation led by the governor of Irkutsk visited China in November. After the press conference, an investment promotion conference will be held in Beijing. After that, he will fly to Shenyang to attend the 20th anniversary of the signing of the friendly relationship agreement between TSK Prefecture and Liaoning Province

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