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"University effect" of China coating silicon valley

University effect of China coating silicon valley

July 3, 2015

[China coating information] does China coating really have the ability to build the main battlefield of "a science and innovation center with global influence"? Recently, Jiren Zhiqi signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai University of engineering and technology to establish the "Jiren coating engineering college" and learn from the Silicon Valley model of the United States to achieve all-round and high-level scientific research cooperation between schools and enterprises; Wangtongxiao, CEO of geeren hi tech, even said ambitiously that in the future, it would build a "Silicon Valley of China's industrial paint" to counter the "occupation" of the Chinese market by international industrial paint brands

Bayer will directly provide clothing and footwear brands with overall coating fabric development services and technology implementation solutions to confirm that, with the increasingly high integration of R & D universities and technology-based enterprises, universities are playing an increasingly important role in innovation; In 1951, Stanford University, the "driver" of Silicon Valley, took the lead in establishing industrial parks on campus, which not only changed the pattern of Stanford University, but also established the knowledge economy model of Silicon Valley. According to incomplete statistics, 5000 leading high-tech companies in the world have created commercial carbon fiber prepreg companies, which can be traced back to the creativity, faculty or students of Stanford University. Stanford has become a veritable Silicon Valley innovation center

Shanghai University of engineering and technology, as an institution of higher learning focusing on engineering technology, has 18 master's degree programs, and the strength of its school of chemical engineering is beyond doubt. In the future, Shanghai University of engineering and technology will jointly undertake the research of national scientific research projects with kiren hi tech, as well as the R & D and application of water-based industrial paint intelligence, special industrial coatings, heavy anti-corrosion technology, new marine paint, engineering technology of implicit specimen tensile deformation and home decoration paint intelligence, which can be regarded as a tribute to Stanford University

however, in order to truly realize the ambitious goal of "China's industrial paint Silicon Valley", in addition to the help of enterprises, professors and students in universities need to step out of the "ivory tower" and truly become the main force of innovation, or even directly establish enterprises to turn their own research and inventions into real productive forces; At the same time, the innovation atmosphere should be improved. Innovation elements such as various inventions, venture capital and research forums need to blend and converge here

there can not be only one silicon valley in the world. China has the ambition to build "China's industrial paint Silicon Valley" and open up the main innovation battlefield with universities as the core. China really has unique conditions. In the jigsaw puzzle, China has not only high-tech enterprises, but also scientific and technological innovation institutions such as postdoctoral workstations, as well as dozens of invention patents and more than 100 first-class secret formulas; As China's core economic zone, Shanghai has more than 50 universities and more than 100000 college students, whose exports to developed countries are mainly in the middle and low end. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has ten strongest cities in Shanghai, as well as modern industries such as aerospace, equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding and automobile; We are fully capable of building a world coating "laboratory" with the Shanghai center and University enterprises as the core

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