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Whether it is feasible to use TPU plastics as thermal insulation materials

there are many plastic thermal insulation materials in China, but if fire insulation materials are rare, but with the rapid economic development, a large number of high-rise building fires occur frequently, which indicates that the fire protection performance of thermal insulation materials is important. Thermal insulation materials are the raw materials of TPU plastics used in the current market

the safety of rail transit is related to the life safety of everyone

in so many thermal insulation materials, TPU thermal insulation materials are very prominent and used in a large amount. However, with the good market and mixed products, many suppliers substitute inferior materials for good, and poor quality products flood the market, resulting in TPU plastics not blooming everywhere in the whole market. TPU plastic raw material is a kind of thermoplastic elastomer. It can not only replace high-strength nylon plastic, but also replace rubber. It has good elasticity and low thermal conductivity, which is also the reason why it is used as thermal insulation material. Of course, this material is recognized as the best. The main reason is that it has high fire and high temperature resistance. But why is the fire frequency within? The reason is that in order to gain the price advantage and seize the market share, the producers did not do well in the fire protection level. Originally, TPU could fully meet the national standard of grade B1 fire protection for plastic raw materials. However, due to the vicious competition in the market, the production cost was reduced so that the guarantee shown was at the basic level of B2

at present, the thermal insulation material TPU plastic raw material is widely used abroad. After TP lixinhai became the shareholder of Yongxing new energy, the use of TPU insulation material reached 60% in the United States, and more than 30% in Japan, which is higher than the market's view that the performance and temperature keeping effect of thermal insulation material fire-proof TPU plastic raw material are not good. This is just a one-sided understanding

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