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American Stanley Stanley home modern Corot series, simple and generous, non stick to one style, functional and practical, natural and comfortable...

there is no need to hate when the fragrance is gone.

summer wood is Yin and Yin

May is the season of Thanksgiving

at that time, we welcomed the new products of modern Corot series,

it is simple but elegant, deep but thick,

fashionable but graceful, firm but gentle,

pure but warm, casual and natural, exquisite and flexible

it gently pulls up the wings of summer, dispels the heat in your heart,

gently touches your forehead and eyebrows, releases your heart in Taoran, releases yourself,

understands nature, appreciates life, and presents love to everyone ~

design concept:

in the northwest of Arizona, the Colorado River surges forward at the bottom of the valley, forming a magnificent scene of two mountains standing against each other and flowing in one water. Its majestic landform, vast spirit, and terrifying demeanor, The strange scenery is unparalleled in the world. Besides being amazing, it also makes people feel that there is a brave man in front of them. Other caves and valleys formed by the impact of water flow have strange shapes and red colors. Each rock seems to be a beautiful painting, and being in it is like being in a fairyland. This undoubtedly inspired the creation and design inspiration of Stanley home designers in the United States, abstracting the section of the grand Colorado canyon into simple geometric lines, which were applied to the shape of door panels to highlight the endless natural vitality

product features:

1. The Coro series adopts modern blister door panels (some of which are designed with glass). The combination of lines and surfaces is simple and generous, the outline is clear and smooth, and the line shape is rich in hierarchical beauty, highlighting the simplicity and toughness of the door panel, just like the heroic and British of the Colorado Canyon mountains, which makes people addicted to it and enjoy the magical gifts from nature

2. Choose more than a dozen colors to meet your personalized needs

3. Match with Stanley brand hardware to highlight high-quality life

4. Characteristic handle design, more personalized and fashionable

5. E0 grade environmental protection plate, creating a healthy home

product style and positioning:

modern simple style, simple is not simple

the target group is 80 and 90 white-collar middle-income groups who are eager to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy nature and pursue themselves

let's take a look at other Coro series supporting products

(customized throughout the house, unified style, more beautiful and affordable!)

Stanley home in the United States - Koro series SIDEBOARD CABINET

modern simple Koro series, with simple and smooth lines and strong color contrast, can always give people a sense of light, simple and comfortable

style log Decor cabinet, with warm white door panels, fresh and natural log texture, it is warm and delicate to touch, and people can't put it down

transparent glass door panel, bringing a sense of avantgarde and fashion; The shape of blister frame is more layered and three-dimensional, and it is stable and beautiful, which is very rich in texture

Stanley home - Corot series TV cabinet

open cabinet, so that the items received are exposed, showing perfect art and style

gro glass door integrates fashion and light luxury elements, reflecting the pursuit of exquisite life

partial Khaki drawers and latticed cabinets are used to decorate the space appropriately

style log Decor cabinet, is showing a simple and natural atmosphere ~

Stanley home in the United States - Coro series bedroom

large area warm white door panel, simple, elegant, gentle, natural and very comfortable

exquisite craftsmanship and multi-functional design meet the needs of room storage and work

make full use of every inch of space to express the pursuit of a better life

Stanley home in the United States - Coro series bedrooms

soft and elegant space colors, warm and comfortable home layout, precipitate a simple and elegant, calm and natural life attitude

the combination of wardrobe display and storage, and the sliding door design saves space greatly

the window holder integrates storage and leisure; The two sides are connected with desk cabinets and dressers, and the overall functionality is stronger

Stanley home in the United States - colo series tatami study

tatami room emphasizes functional design, and multi cabinet combination storage is stronger

the door panel adopts modern simple blister door panel, with simple and smooth lines and strong three-dimensional sense. It is matched with fashionable black nickel wire drawing long handle, which is simple, elegant, beautiful and practical

refuse to be monotonous. The overall color matching is full of natural freshness

tatami can sit or lie down, and can also be used as a tea table to entertain guests, bringing leisure and a safe life

Stanley home in the United States - Corot series bookcases

the overall tone of the bookcases gives people a sense of quiet and harmony

the cabinet texture is clear, releasing the natural beauty

keep away from the noise, calm your heart, warm and white, and give you a bright and comfortable feeling

the desk is integrated into the bookcase, and the hanging cabinet, door covering cabinet and arc cabinet are combined and matched with each other, with complementary functions and strong storage

Stanley home in the United States - Corot series cloakroom

extracts materials from nature,

with the texture and tone of logs,

combined with modern multi-functional accessories and high-end hardware,

creates a light, comfortable, practical, orderly and catchy cloakroom

in modern urban life, we are always busy and busy. We are more eager to have a natural, quiet, peaceful and comfortable home to eliminate fatigue and unload our burdens. The Stanley home modern Coro series, which is simple and generous, non stick to one style, functional, practical, natural and comfortable, modern and fashionable design, is meeting the needs of young people for nature, comfort, self realization, the pursuit of unruly and personality






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