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2017/9/4 8:00pm

- Cartier doors and windows - August work summary and commendation conference

was held fervently

every summary conference was born to summarize the shortcomings existing in the middle of last month. We condense the strength of Cartier people, climb higher mountains forever, condense the dreams of Cartier people, and support the brand of Cartier to stop in the door and window industry. On September 4, the summary conference of Cartier doors and windows in August was grandly held

in the past month, Cartier doors and windows have made great achievements. The conference focused on the work summary in August and the plan in September. All departments summarized the work and results of last month, and set the objectives for September

▲ Sales Department speech

▲ finance department speech

▲ production department speech

▲ administration department speech

Cartier doors and windows are like an aircraft carrier

as a sailor on an aircraft carrier

there must be gains if you pay

at the meeting, certificates and bonuses were issued for advanced employees in August

Cartier doors and windows built a platform to encourage employees to

refresh their height as long as they work hard

▲ group photo of advanced employees in August

Cartier doors and windows, a large ship, led the Cartier people all the way through the wind and waves. In 20 years, it has become a leader in the door and window industry. These achievements can not be separated from the Cardi people. The arrival of the golden season of "golden nine and silver ten" means that a new round of challenges is starting. The Cardi people are bound to grit their teeth, unite as one, fight hard, and win the decisive battle in their best state




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